19 Fun Drinking Games for 2 to Play With Your Best Friend

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Is it just you and your friend tonight? Just having a couple of drinks and looking for something fun to do? What about a fun 2 player drinking game? This selection of drinking games for 2 should give you a good start!

Sometimes it’s just nice to hang with just the two of you. It’s simpler to arrange, and you can focus entirely on each other.

Some might think it sounds dull compared to group drinking games, but I assure you, there are plenty of fun games for two players.

So, grab a drink for each of you, choose a game, and enjoy!

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Drinking Games for 2 Without Cards

In general, drinking games can be categorized in those with dice, cards, or without anything. First, we’ll start with the drinking games for 2 without anything, because you’ll be able to play them for sure.

After that, we’ll get to some popular drinking games for 2 with cards. Card drinking games are the most popular in general, and for a good reason. Fortunately, not all of them require more than 3 or 4 players.

1. Clear Rum

Clear Rum is an excellent starter where you play Russian roulette with shots. Some contain water, others liquor. Will you keep your poker face no matter the outcome?

What you need:

  • Shot glasses
  • clear liquor (vodka, gin, rum, tequila)

How it works

  1. Place a row of shot glasses in front of a player. Fill some with water, others with liquor.
  2. Player 1 takes a shot, and Player 2 guesses if it’s liquor or water.
  3. If they guess it right, player one takes the next shot.
  4. If they guess it wrong, it’s their turn.

Tip: Is the game fun to play but too high-paced? Slow it down by switching sides after each guess.

You may want to decide to switch to another game because this one can be very intense and relatively short. Luckily, we have some more ideas for you.

2. Categories Game

This is one of the fun talking games that don’t require anything but a drink and a friend to play with. Simply take turns in naming items or organisms from a category until one player runs out of ideas.

Perfect for when you just want to chill and converse a bit.

How it’s played:

Select a category, like animals, food, or clothing brands. It can be literally anything. Then, you both take turns naming an item or organism belonging to that category

  • Hesitation or repetition means taking a drink.
  • If your word begins and ends with the same letter, then the other person has to drink.

Tip: Make the game more difficult by adding the rule that every next word needs to begin with the end letter of the previous word. 

3. Movie Drinking Game

Transform movie-watching into an exciting drinking game with the Movie Drinking Game. It’s quite straight-forward: pick one of your favorite movies, make a list of drinking cues, and start watching. Drink for each cue on the list and take extra sips if you miss!

Drinking cues could be anything. Think of specific words that a specific character says or certain characters that appear. Literally anything! As long as it is recognizable and occurs several times.

Mustachio Variation

Mustachio is a fun twist on the standard Movie Drinking game. In this game, both players draw a mustache on a piece of paper, cut it out, and stick it on the TV screen.

Each time a head appears behind your mustache as if it were real, you shout “Mustachio!”. The other player then takes three sips. One big plus of this game is that you can play it with literally any movie, without preparations.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

In Two Truths and a Lie, familiarity adds challenge. You and your friend take turns in sharing two truths and a lie about yourselves. The other player then guesses whether it’s correct or not.

The essence of this game is captured in its title, making it particularly enjoyable with someone you know well.

Here’s how to play:

  1. The first player shares two truths and one lie.
  2. The other player(s) then guess which statement is the lie.
  3. If the guess is correct, the player who shared the statements takes a sip.
  4. If the guess is incorrect, the guessing player takes a sip.

This game blends fun and intrigue, as players attempt to outsmart each other with clever truths and a deceptive lie

5. Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a hilarious party game, suitable for numerous players but also enjoyable with just two. Players take turns removing blocks from the tower, each block dictating a specific action or challenge.

The image below illustrates ‘Buzzed Blocks’, a ready-to-play variant of Drunk Jenga. Each block contains unique challenges or mini-games.

Alternatively, creating your own Jenga drinking game allows for customized rules, enhancing the experience for you and your friends. Our guide offers creative ideas for rule-making, making it an entertaining activity for two.

6. Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a simple yet entertaining game that’s perfect for when you just want to have a drink and converse. It doesn’t require any cards or special equipment.

You and your friends alternate in choosing a challenging word for the other player to spell. The other player then spells the word out loud, taking a drink at a fail.

Check our guide for a list of easy to hard Spelling Bee words and a full guide on how to play the game.

This game is all about spelling and requires no cards or special equipment.

Tip: Prepare a list of words before starting the game. Write down more words than you think you’ll need to avoid repetition; there’s a chance the other player might stumble upon one of your selected words while searching for their own. This preparation ensures a smoother and more enjoyable game experience.

7. Quarters

I personally really like this two-person drinking game! Quarters an interactive and fun game that can last as long as you like. However, the drinking intensity of this game can be quite high, so that’s something to keep in mind.

In Quarters, you try to bounce a quarter via the table into a shot glass before your opponent does. If you succeed, they drink the shot!

Gameplay Instructions:

  1. Position a filled shot glass at the center of the table.
  2. Players take turns attempting to bounce the quarter off the table and into the glass.
  3. If a player successfully lands the quarter in the glass, the other player must drink the shot.
  4. If a player misses, they take a sip and pass the quarter to the next player.

Note: make sure to play on a table without tablecloth or any similar protective sheet, because it reduces the bounciness of the quarter making it unplayable.

For a less intense version of the game, consider substituting shots with sips. This adjustment can help maintain the fun while moderating the drinking pace.

8. Battleshots

Battleshots is a drinking game twist on the classic Battleships, using shot glasses as ships! It’s one of the best 2-player drinking games out there because it’s very fun and only made for two players!

You can either purchase a ready-to-play Battleshots set or make it yourself.

In Battleshots, you take turns guessing the coordinates of each other’s ships. Each position of a ship contains a filled shotglass. If a guess is correct, the opponent drinks from the corresponding shot glass. If it’s wrong, the turn passes.

The game continues until all the shot glasses of one player have been hit and drunk, declaring the other player as the winner!

This game combines strategy with fun drinking elements, perfect for a cozy 2-player game night.

9. The Artist

The Artist is an excellent game for drawing enthusiasts and offers unpredictable, often hilarious entertainment for the less creative. It resembles Pictionary and other drawing-based party games but requires minimal supplies.

The game’s concept is straightforward: one player draws while the other guesses the subject. Each incorrect guess means a sip for both players.

Using a Pictionary word generator adds a random element, making the game more enjoyable than choosing words yourself.

How to Play:

  1. Each player takes a piece of paper and a drawing instrument.
  2. One player draws, and the other guesses the subject.
  3. If the guess is wrong, both players take a sip.
  4. The game proceeds until someone correctly guesses the drawing.
  5. After a correct guess, players swap roles.

10. Buzzy Beatbox

Buzzy Beatbox earns its place among the top drinking games for two, especially appealing to those with similar music tastes. Having beatboxing skills can enhance the fun!

In this game, you and your friend take turns beatboxing a well-known song. Each incorrect guess leads to sips for both players.

How to Play Buzzy Beatbox:

  1. One player chooses a song to beatbox.
  2. The other player tries to guess the song from the beatboxing.
  3. If the guess is wrong, both players drink.
  4. Continue until the song is correctly identified.
  5. After a correct guess, switch roles and repeat.

11. Power Hour

Power Hour is an exciting, intense two-player drinking game, ideal for the beginning of a hangout.

The concept is simple: you drink a small shot of beer every minute for one hour, totaling 60 shots. The only requirement is a timer to monitor the time.

On average, each player consumes approximately 7.5 shots of beer in a round. The objective is to remain standing without missing a shot.

In summary, Power Hour is an excellent method to enjoy time with friends and savor your drinks. Soon after you started playing, you’ll realize it’s not a game to play for hours.

12. Who Am I?

Who Am I? Is a fun guessing game that’s perfect for two players. One player picks a character or object for the other player, while the other player tries to guess is by asking only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

For each ‘no’, the guesser takes a sip. For each ‘yes’, the other player takes a sip.

But beware! This can get quite intense, so you might want to tweak the rules a bit.

Drinking Games for 2 People With Cards

Here, we’ll continue with classic drinking games with cards that are playable with just two players. These games only require playing cards unless stated otherwise.

13. Horse Race

In Horse race, both players bet a number of sips on a suit, which equals a horse. A ‘race track’ is laid down on the table, and your horse then races against the other horses.

Based on random cards that are drawn, some horses advance over the tracks, while others stay behind. The losing better must drink as many sips as they betted on their horse!

It’s a game of pure luck and is quite entertaining to play with just the two of you. However, eventually it’s more fun to play with more than two, because there’s four horses you can bet on. Still, a good choice.

14. Higher Lower

Higher Lower is a straightforward yet engaging drinking game involving cards, combining strategy and chance. The game’s goal is to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one already revealed.

As expected, incorrect guesses result in sips!

This game is distinctive, utilizing a specific pattern of cards as depicted in the image below. Refer to our Higher Lower guide to begin playing.

15. Slapjack

Slapjack is a fast-paced card game focused on quick reactions. Players take turns placing cards face-up in the center, creating a pile.

The key objective is to be the first to slap the pile when a Jack is revealed. The player who slaps the Jack first claims the entire center pile and hands out sips!

16. Beeramid

Beeramid is a fun and easy-to-understand drinking game usually played in larger groups, but definitely playable as two player drinking game.

While playing, you reveal cards from the pyramid and match them with cards in your hand to assign drinks to the other person, with the option to bluff.

The game’s rules, setup, gameplay, and variations are thoroughly explained in our guide.

Drinking Games for Two With Dice

Then there’s drinking games with dice. Dice games have always been very popular due to luck being it’s main element. Most of the dice games are played with smaller groups of people, and some of them can be played with just two players. Here’s a list of drinking games for two with dice:

17. Pigs Dice

Pigs Dice is a fun dice drinking game for 2 or more players that combines luck and strategy. In this game, players repeatedly roll one die to score as many points as possible within a round. Numbers 2-6 count as points but rolling 1 removes your turn’s score and ends the round.

After each roll, you either ‘piggybank’ your score or continue rolling. Each extra roll can either increase your turn’s score or completely reset it. Choose wisely!

In the drinking game version, you must drink whenever you roll a 1, while the other person drinks when you roll a 6.

This game can keep you entertained for a while, as it offers some fun variations as well.

18. Ship, Captain, Crew

The Ship, Captain, and Crew dice game is a drinking game that involves rolling five dice to achieve a specific sequence.

Players must roll a 6 (ship), 5 (captain), and 4 (crew) in that order, before they can score points with the remaining two dice (cargo). Each player gets up to three rolls per turn to achieve this sequence.

The quality of your rolls determines the amount of sips you can hand out. The drinking intensity of this game is medium.

19. Tenzi

Tenzi is a fast-paced, engaging dice game suitable for players of all ages. Both of you start with ten dice that quickly roll to get all dice to show the same number. The first player to achieve this shouts “Tenzi” and wins the round.

The winner of the round hands out sips to the other player!

Wrap Up

Being with just two people is not an excuse to not play games! There are many different drinking games for 2 that can bring lots of entertainment to your two-man army. 

You could play these games before going out, on the terrace, or just while at home looking for something fun to do. 

Whether you would like to do shots or just drink beers, each game can be adjusted accordingly. 

In case a third or even fourth person decides to join later on: most games can be played with more than two players.

Aside from these games, there’s also other fun drinking games that can be played, such as the Kings Cup. This is one of the many drinking games with cups that are always fun to play.

Remember to always drink responsibly and know your limits. Don’t let others decide what, how, and how much you drink. Keep an eye out for each other and make sure that everyone’s doing okay. And most importantly, have fun!

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