55+ Best Jenga Drinking Game Rules

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The Jenga Drinking Game, also known as ‘Drunk Jenga’, is an entertaining variant of the traditional game, perfect for parties. The gameplay is very similar to the normal game, except that each block that is drawn comes with a challenge. These can be drinking assignments or other fun tasks.

This game will definitely add some extra fun to your gathering! It’s a great option as a drinking game for large groups.

In this guide, we will walk you through the necessary materials, the rules, and the gameplay. Below, you can also find a Jenga Drinking Game Ideas List that contains several challenges you can use.

What do you need?

  • A standard Jenga set
  • A marker
    • You either directly write on the blocks or make small pieces of paper that you tape on the blocks.
  • Three or more players—the more, the merrier.

The Setup

  1. Give a number to each challenge, and write these numbers on the blocks.
    • Below, we will provide you with some ideas.
  2. Arrange the blocks so that they form a sturdy tower.
    • The tower should consist of three blocks per layer, rotating each new layer 90 degrees.
    • Make sure to place the rules of the blocks face down, so that every pull is a surprise.
  3. Gather everyone plus drinks around the tower.

Basic Rules

The game is very straightforward and easy to understand. Here’s a step-by-step description of how to play the game, plus the Drunk Jenga rules:

  • Players take turns removing one block at a time with their non-dominant hand.
  • Each turn, the player fulfills the assignment written on their block.
  • After that, they must place their block on top of the tower.
  • The game moves clockwise.
  • The game ends when one player collapses the tower.

Drunk Jenga Ideas List

Here are some classic Jenga drinking game ideas for the challenges, but feel free to be creative! The experience is usually best when using personalized rules!

There are 54 blocks in one game, so you can either choose 54 different rules or include some doubles. This is totally up to you.

Drinking Rules

  • Give One: Give 1 shot
  • Give Three: Give three sips
  • Take Shot: Take a shot
  • Give Shot: Choose a player to do a shot.
  • Chug contest: Choose another player to do a chug contest. The loser must take another block.
  • You’re welcome: Choose someone to finish their drink.
  • Cheers!: Everyone drinks.
  • Leave no man behind: everyone finishes their drink.
  • Lucky in Love: All couples drink.
  • Class Clown: The funniest player takes a drink.
  • Sexy Singles: All singles drink.
  • Waterfall: Start drinking. The rest also starts drinking until the person to their right stops.
  • Snake eyes: For the rest of the game, this person has snake eyes. No one can look this player in the eyes. If they do, they drink.
  • (Name) Drinks: Put one block in to make one specific person drink. You know who it is.
  • Foetus: The youngest player drinks.
  • Ripple effect: You take one sip. The players to your left and right take two. The players next to them take three. This continues until everyone has drunk.
  • Drinking Buddy: Choose someone who has to drink every time you drink.
  • Host: The host drinks.

Jenga Block Rules

  • Extra block: pull an extra block and do its challenge.
  • It Takes Two: Pull two extra blocks plus challenges.
  • Free block: keep this block to skip a future turn.
  • Pepperspray: Place this block with closed eyes.
  • Backstab: Choose someone who will take an extra block during their next turn.
  • T-rex: put your elbows in your shirt sleeves and take your next block with these T-rex arms.
  • Deja Vu: The player prior to you must go again, followed by you!
  • Big Mouth: Place your block on top of the tower with your mouth.
  • Skip: The next player is skipped
  • Pinky: Place your block back only using your pinky finger.
  • Objective: Place your block back using a random object.

Mini Games

  • Would You Rather? Think of a would you rather. Let everyone vote at the same time. The minority drinks.
  • Never Have I Ever: Start a sentence with ‘Never have I ever…’, finishing with an experience you never had. Those who did drink
  • Alphabet Categories: Choose a category. Take turns naming something out of that category while going through the alphabet. The first person who fails drinks.
  • Rewind: Place your block back into the tower instead of on top.
  • Word: Choose a word. Everyone must use it in their sentences until the game ends. If someone fails, they drink.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: Choose another player to do rock-paper-scissors with. The loser drinks.
  • Staring Contest: Do a starting contest with the player to your left.
  • Rhyme Time: Start with a random word. Take turns saying a rhyming word. The first one to fail drinks.
  • Touch the wall: The last person to touch the wall drinks.
  • Arm Wrestle: Pick someone to arm wrestle. The loser drinks.
  • Thumb wrestle: Pick someone to thumb wrestle. the loser drinks.
  • Make a rule: Those who break the rule drink.

Fun challenges

  • Parley: Talk like a pirate throughout the game.
  • Bottom Up: Switch tops or bottoms with the person to your left.
  • I Dare You: Pick a dare for another player. If they don’t accept or fail, they drink.
  • Mad Hat: Make a hat out of stuff in the room and wear it for the rest of the game.
  • Box Head: Wear a box on your head and drink every time someone else does.
  • Court Jester: Tell a joke. Everyone who doesn’t laugh takes a drink.
  • Big Cheese: Set a timer for 15 seconds. Name as many cheese types as you can. Hand out as many sips.
  • Twerk: You must make your best attempt to twerk.
  • I See You: Guess the color of everyone’s underwear. Take a sip for each wrong guess.
  • Caveman: You can only use 3-word sentences throughout the game.
  • Little Snack: Eat something random from outside. Keep it safe!
  • Beauty Swap: Switch places with the most beautiful player.
  • Waiter: You must grab drinks for all players during the game.
  • Bipolar: Insult the player to your left, then compliment the player to your right.
  • Famous Ben: Name five famous Bens or drink 5.
  • Bumster: Play the rest of the game without shoes and socks.
  • Impressive: Do your best impression of one of the players.
  • Outsider: You can no longer pull blocks from the middle of any layer.
  • Radiohead: Whenever you speak, you must talk through an invisible microphone.

DIY Drunk Jenga

You can also choose to make the complete game yourself!

With a few basic materials and a touch of creativity, you’ll be ready to craft your own DIY Drunk Jenga set in no time. We will show you how to make it yourself! Here’s an example:

Materials needed:

  • Wooden Blocks: You’ll need 54 wooden blocks, each about 2.75 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick. You can find these at most craft or hobby stores.
    • You can also make giant Jenga by buying larger pieces of wood and cutting them into blocks. This does require some more crafting skills because all blocks should be the exact same size.
  • Fine Sandpaper: Get a couple of sheets of fine-grit sandpaper (around 120-220 grit) to smooth the edges of the blocks.
  • Marker or Pen: For writing the rules on the blocks.
  • Rules Template: A list of drinking game rules to put on the blocks
  • Clear Sealant (Optional): This will protect the paint and give your blocks a nice finish.
  • (Optional) Painting Materials: If you want to add an artistic touch to your blocks.
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Paintbrushes

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Preparing the Blocks:
    • Sand the edges of each block to smooth out any rough spots or splinters.
  2. (Optional) Paint the blocks: Let them dry before moving on.
  3. Write the rules: write different drinking game rules on each block. Either by using words or by making a list where each rule corresponds to a number.
  4. (Optional) Seal the blocks: After you have painted and/or written on the blocks, apply a clear sealant to protect the paint and give them a nice finish. Allow them to dry completely.
  5. Stacking the blocks:
    • Once your blocks are ready, stack them in rows of three, alternating the direction with each layer to create a stable tower.

The whole process might take a couple of hours, but if you love being creative and have the time, why not impress your guests with a personalized fun drinking game?

Final Words

The Jenga Drinking Game is perfect for parties and gatherings with larger groups. The great variety of challenges and tasks will create fun and memorable moments for everyone.

You can get creative with the artwork and challenges on the blocks, making it a great choice for themed parties.

Looking for something else to play after your game of Drunk Jenga? Party games with cups are also very fun and often playable for larger groups.

Remember to always drink responsibly! Keep an eye out for each other and make sure that everyone is doing okay. Don’t push others into drinking or doing things that they rather don’t.

And most importantly, enjoy the game!

FAQ: Jenga Drinking Game

How are you supposed to stack Jenga?

Each layer of your Jenga tower consists of three side by side blocks. The blocks of each next layer should be placed at right angles to the blocks of the layer under that.

What is not allowed in Jenga?

You are not allowed to use both hands. Usually, you only use your non-dominant hand.

Is Drunk Jenga fun?

Yes it is! Drunk Jenga can be fun for anyone because you can choose from many available rules or make them yourself.

What do you write on Jenga for drinking?

You either write numbers on the blocks that correspond to a specific rule on your rules sheet, or you write the name of the rule.

How do you make Jenga more fun?

By writing a rule or challenge on each block, like with the Jenga drinking game. This will add an extra layer of fun to your standard Jenga game.

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