Pigs Dice: Rules & How to Play

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“Pigs Dice” is an entertaining dice game that blends luck and strategy. Enjoy it as a casual tabletop game or spice things up with a drinking twist – the choice is yours, and the minimal equipment needed makes it playable anywhere!

In this game, you take turns in repeatedly rolling a die to accumulate points, but if you roll a 1 you lose your score.

Objective: Be the first player to reach 100 points.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the rules for both the standard and drinking versions, along with additional rules to amp up the excitement.

Your Game Information




20-30 party cups, 2+ ping pong balls


5-10 minutes







Pigs Dice Rules

  1. Setup: Decide on the winning score; typically, it’s 100 points.
  2. Starting the Game: Everyone rolls a die to determine the starting player; the one with the highest number goes first.
  3. Gameplay:
    • Players take turns clockwise.
    • Roll the die:
      • Roll a 1: Score no points; turn ends.
      • Roll a 2–6: Add the rolled number to your turn score.
    • If you roll 2–6, choose:
      • Bank your score, adding it to your overall score.
      • Roll again.
    • Repeat until you decide to bank your score or roll a 1, losing all points for that turn.
  4. Ending a Turn: Your turn ends when you roll a 1 or choose to bank your score. The next player takes their turn.
  5. Winning: The first player to reach the chosen winning score wins.

The image below shows an overview of each round.

Optional Drinking Rules:

  • Roll a 1: Take a drink.
  • Roll a 6: Choose someone else to drink.
  • Everyone but the winning player finishes their drinks.

Example: Peter’s Turn – Pigs Dice

Peter rolls a 2, earning 6 points. Tempted to roll again for a higher score, he risks it but rolls a 1, losing all points. Regretful, Peter passes the die.

Pigs Dice Variations

1. Greedy Pig:

  • Riskier version; rolling a 1 not only ends the turn but wipes out all collected points. Suggest a winning score of 50 due to potential score resets.

2. Two-Dice Pigs Dice:

  • Similar to the standard game but with two dice:
    • Roll a single 1: Gain no points; turn ends.
    • Roll two 1s: Reset your entire score.
    • Roll doubles: Add points to your turn total; roll again.

3. Hogs Dice:

  • Roll as many dice as you like. If a 1 appears, gain no points, and the turn ends. Adds strategic planning and risk-taking.

Wrap Up

Pigs Dice is an engaging and easy-to-learn game that can be really fun to play. Whether you play it as a normal or a drinking game, it will keep you and your friends entertained for a while.

Of course, it’s sometimes nice to switch to a different game because this will keep everyone engaged and entertained.

You could, for example, check out one of our other dice drinking games. Some are tabletop games, while others are more active and perfect for parties. There’s a fun game for every setting!

Remember to always drink responsibly and keep an eye on the other players to make sure everyone is doing so.

So, gather your dice and friends, and have fun!

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