Roll the Dice Drinking Game: How to Play?

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The Roll the Dice Drinking Game is probably the most simple and easy drinking game there is. Still, it’s very fun to play and perfect for when you’re really thirsty and want your thirst quenched as quickly as possible.

The objective of this game is to drink a certain number of sips based on the number of rounds. The first player to roll the round’s number must drink that many sips.

What do you need?

  • One dice
  • At least two players
  • Enough drinks for all players

Roll the Dice Rules

Gather your friends and one die around a table and make sure everyone is thirsty. The game is better played at the beginning of your evening because it is very fast-paced and definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Before starting the game, all players roll one die to determine who starts. After that, the players take turns rolling the die.

One game counts six rounds, as many as there are dice sides. The gameplay is as follows:

roll the dice rules

  • Round 1: The first player to roll 1 takes one sip.
  • Round 2: The first player to roll 2 takes two sips.
  • Round 3: The first player to roll 3 takes three sips.
  • Round 4: The first player to roll 4 takes four sips.
  • Round 5: The first player to roll 5 takes five sips.
  • Round 6: The first player to roll 6 takes six sips.

If a player rolls a 1 in the first round, they take one sip and pass the die. The next player then starts round 2 until someone rolls a 2 and takes two sips. This goes on until the end of round six.

Not cool enough? Try Extreme Roll the Dice!

Extreme Roll the Dice

You can make the game a bit more extreme and effective by adding a die after each game. As soon as round 6 comes to an end, a new die is added to the game! You then start at round 7 and play until round 12.

More dice equals more sips! The higher stakes and lower chances of rolling a specific combination make the game even more intense!

Wrap Up

Remember to drink responsibly and know your limits. This game can go really fast for some unlucky players, but this completely depends on luck. It may happen that one player somehow rolls the round’s numbers all the time. Therefore, keep an eye out for each other and make sure that everyone is doing alright.

It really can’t get easier than this, right? In some situations, it’s perfect, but in other situations, it might be more fun to play a game that is a bit more complicated. Take the 21 Dice Drinking Game, also known as ‘Mexican’ or ‘Mexxen’, where you try to roll the highest two-dice combination possible so that you don’t have to drink.

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