11 Best Drinking Games With Cups For Epic Memories

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Solo cups and ping pong balls make the best active drinking games, offering the perfect combination of competitiveness and enjoying drinks together. You’ve probably played Beer Pong before, right? Well, guess what, there are a bunch of other great drinking games with cups that are definitely worth the try.

Whether you want to get the party started or just switch up the evening by introducing an active and entertaining event, it’s always a great idea to play some games at your cozy gathering.

Here, we present you with only the best drinking games with cups out there. However, most of these require more than two players. In case you’re with just the two of you, you’re better off with one of the drinking games for two.

Drinking Games With Cups

Most cup games on this list are drinking games with ping pong balls. This means that for most games, you’ll need solo cups, ping pong balls, and a rectangular table as a playing field.

In case there are no party cups or playing cards around, you could also play drinking games without cards or cups.

1. Beer Pong or Pong Beer

Number of players: 2+

You probably already know this classic, but it’s definitely worth a spot on this list! This active drinking game is the center of your party, with everyone waiting for their moment to shine.

What you need:

  • A rectangular table, preferably a ping pong or beer pong table
  • 20-22 party cups and ping pong balls

In Beer Pong, two teams battle against each other by aiming and throwing ping pong balls at the other team’s ‘life triangle’ of party cups. Each ping pong ball that lands in a cup eliminates that cup. The first team to eliminate all of the other team’s cups wins the game!

This game is often played in equal teams of two or more players, although it is very well playable as a 2-player game.

Beer Pong has crazy rules that you can add so that it never gets dull! Read our guide for the full gameplay and set of rules.

2. D.O.N.K.E.Y.

Number of players: 3+

This game is a perfect pick if you’re looking for a competitive free-for-all game. The goal of this game is to get your opponents to write the word D.O.N.K.E.Y. letter by letter on their cup.

If someone else bounces a ping pong ball in your cup, you get a letter. This starts with the ‘D’, then the ‘O’, the ‘N’, etcetera. Players that have the full word are eliminated. The last man standing wins the game!

This games perfect for when you’re with an uneven number of players. Also, when you do have party cups and ping pong balls but a round table instead of rectangular, this is a good option.

3. Flip Cup

Number of players: 2+

Flip Cup is a fun and easy drinking game that’s best played in teams, but it’s also a fun free-for-all game. In this game, players try to chug their drink and then flip their cup upside down as quickly as possible.

Each player’s turn is sequential, and the game typically involves two teams competing against each other. Your objective is to be the first team to have all members finish drinking and successfully flip their cups.

Flip Cup is known for its fast pace and is a popular activity at parties and social gatherings.

4. Kings Cup

Kings Cup, also known as the Ring of Fire drinking game or the Kings drinking game, is a great icebreaker that brings people together in a relaxed and enjoyable way, perfect for getting your party started.

In King’s Cup, everyone sits around a table with one cup in the middle (the King’s Cup). An uninterrupted circle of playing cards, the ‘ring of fire’, is then laid around the cup.

Players take turns drawing a card and performing the task that corresponds to that card. Some cards instruct the player to pour something into the King’s Cup, so it gets filled during the game. Other cards contain challenges and mini-games.

The first player to break the circle of cards loses the game and must drink the contents of the King’s Cup!

5. Baseball Beer Pong

Number of players: 8+

The Baseball Drinking Game combines elements of baseball, beer pong, and flip cup. In this game, you progress through a game of baseball by aiming and throwing ping pong balls into each other’s cups, which count as bases.

Teams alternate between batting and fielding, aiming to score runs. Base running and stealing involve flip cup challenges. The game is played over nine innings, with the objective of scoring the most runs.

If you’re a fan of both baseball and drinking games, then Baseball Beer Pong is the perfect party game for you! It’s a unique and well-crafted game that’s always a blast.

6. Heads or Drinks

Number of players: 2+

Heads or Drinks is a very simple game that’s playable with as many players as you like, starting from two.

In this game, players take turns in pouring a random amount of their drink into a central cup, followed by guessing a coin toss. Guessed correctly? The turn goes to the next player. Guessed wrong? Chug it baby!

Beware, this game can get quite crazy real fast. Play with caution.

7. Quarters

Number of players: 2+

Quarters is another fun classic that really should be on this list of the best drinking games with cups. If you’re a good aimer, you might have an advantage here!

In Quarters, each player has their own filled cup in front of them. Players take turns trying to bounce a quarter off the table into someone else’s cup.

Hits are followed by chugs and, optionally, elimination. Alternatively, you can choose to let players stay in the game after a refill. It’s a great game that will entertain you for a while.

One thing to mention: it should be played on a flat and hard surface that’s not easily damaged, or where damage doesn’t matter. A tablecloth will cause the quarter to not bounce properly.

8. Civil War

The Civil War Drinking Game is a fast-paced, competitive game that’s an alternative to Beer Pong. It is typically played with two teams, each consisting of three players.

Each player has a set of cups, typically six, arranged in front of them in a triangle formation, representing their “lives”.

Your main goal is to throw ping pong balls into the opposing team’s cups. When a ball lands in a cup, the corresponding player must drink the contents and then remove or turn over the cup.

The game continues with no set turns; players can throw balls whenever they get the chance, adding to the game’s high pace. It’s quite intense compared to normal Beer Pong!

9. Beer Brawl

The Beer Brawl Drinking Game is a 3v3 game similar to Civil War and Beer Pong. Instead of all throwing at the same time as with Civil War, players compete in 1v1 rounds where each round’s winner competes against the next player of the other team.

This adds a layer of strategic planning, because you must wisely choose who you put up against who.

10. Beer Dice

Number of players: 2-4

Beer Dice, also known as Snappa, is a drinking game that combines skill, hand-eye coordination, and strategy. It is similar to Beer Pong, focusing on aiming and throwing, but it uses dice instead of balls.

In this game, teams stand at opposite ends of a table, throwing dice into the air, aiming to land them on the opponent’s side or in their cups.

Points are scored based on where the dice land and the defending team’s ability to catch them. Drinks are distributed based on a team’s defensive or offensive performance.

Although aiming and throwing dice can be challenging, mastering the game is incredibly fun!

11. Slap Cup

Slap Cup is a fast-paced drinking game that involves bouncing ping pong balls into cups. In this game, you try to rapidly bounce balls into cups arranged in the center, attempting to land them before the next player in line does.

If successful, you pass your cup and ball to the next player. If a player lands their ball in a cup where another ball is already present, they slap that cup away, forcing the owner to drink from a side cup and start over.

The game requires quick reflexes and can be quite stressful, which leads to hilarious situations.

Wrap Up

I think we can conclude that as long as you have party cups and ping pong balls laying around, you’re always able to play a fun and active drinking game.

I’m pretty sure there’s many other games out there that are not on this list. Do you know some? Let us know so that we can include them on our list for everyone else to enjoy!

If you’re looking for some more laidback drinking games, then drinking games with dice might be what you’re looking for. These, and drinking games with cards are the more calm options that don’t require much bodily movements.

I’d like to remind everyone to enjoy drinks responsibly and to be mindful of each other’s well-being. Remember, moderation is key for a healthier and more memorable experience. Also, let’s keep an eye on our friends and loved ones – a small act of care can make a big difference. Let’s ensure our gatherings are not just fun, but also safe and supportive for all.

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