81 Best Drinking Game Team Names

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Trying to find a good and catchy name for your next Beer Olympics or Beer Pong championships? This list of 99+ drinking game team names is the perfect start!

Having a good team name is the best start you can have to your upcoming event. What makes a good name is that it’s a fun twist to something familiar, such as well-known movie characters, animals, or famous persons.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of the best team names so that you don’t have to come up with one yourself. Simply choose one or use the list as a source of inspiration.

Movie Team Names

  1. The Gincredibles
  2. Bar Wars: A New Hop
  3. Rum Forrest Rum
  4. The Big Lebrewskis
  5. Chug Norrises
  6. The Three Muskabeers
  7. Pints of the Caribbean
  8. Jurassic Pints
  9. Brewbaccas
  10. Ale Capones
  11. Frothy the Snowman
  12. Hoptimus Primes
  13. Buzz Lightbeer
  14. Jameson Bond
  15. Ale-vengers
  16. Gintonic the Hedgehog
  17. The Booze Brothers
  18. Ciderellas
  19. Brews Clues
  20. Malt Disney
  21. Brewtus Maximus
  22. Harry Porter
  23. Pitcher Perfect
  24. Sith Faced
  25. Ale’s Angels
  26. Brewed Awakening

Animal Team Names

  1. Barfowls
  2. Alepacas
  3. Lagergators
  4. Hoptopuses
  5. Chuguars
  6. Bar-Acudas
  7. Wine Swines
  8. Fermentigers
  9. Kegaroos
  10. Vodcats
  11. Rummingbirds
  12. Alephant
  13. Alebartroses

Famous Person Team Names

  1. Tipsy McStaggers
  2. Brews Waynes
  3. The Rolling Kegs
  4. Draft Punks
  5. Sherlocks On the Rocks
  6. Brew Tang Clan
  7. Ale Capwneds
  8. Brews Lees
  9. Margarita Thatchers
  10. Pintston Churchills
  11. Genghis Beer Cans
  12. Salvador Daliquors
  13. Winston Chugchills
  14. Brewno Marses
  15. Whiskey Houstons
  16. Britney Beers
  17. Barley Ray Cyrus

Other Fun Team Names

  1. The Martini Matadors
  2. Whiskeypedia
  3. The Lagerfelds
  4. The Cosmopolitan Camels
  5. Beer Pressure
  6. Beeriodic Table
  7. Sotally Tober
  8. Ale Mary
  9. The Beerbarians
  10. Vodka Victors
  11. Shottingham Forest
  12. John Beere
  13. Ale’s Well
  14. The Ale-chemists
  15. Sip Happens
  16. Whiskey Warriors
  17. Pint Pirates
  18. Hoptimists
  19. BrewHaha
  20. Pilsner Pals
  21. Foam Fighters
  22. Pint of No Return
  23. Pintervention
  24. Ginvincible
  25. Booze-Ookas

Wrap Up

This list of drinking game team names should be a good start to finding your own team name. Do you know more good ones that should be on this list? Let us know!

I’d like to remind everyone to enjoy drinks responsibly and to be mindful of each other’s well-being. Remember, moderation is key for a healthier and more memorable experience. Also, let’s keep an eye on our friends and loved ones – a small act of care can make a big difference. Let’s ensure our gatherings are not just fun, but also safe and supportive for all.

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