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Hey Party Folks!

I’m Party Peter from Partygamespedia.com and we really love playing party games. Whether you’re at home with some friends, sitting on the terrace in the sun, or standing around a table at a party, there’s a game for every setting!

Instead of boring conversations about co-worker A and bill-to-pay Z, involve everyone and have a blast. 

In our opinion, party games always add a lot of value to any gathering. It brings people together and gets everyone engaged. Bonds are formed that you would never expect. Moments of laughter dominate the gathering, and long-lasting memories are created. 

However, in many social circles, there are usually a few games that everyone knows and are usually played. This while there are many different games out there that you may never have heard of.

On top of that, new party games arise everywhere around us. It’s only when someone takes notice of new or different party games that they can be introduced into your social circle. 

What is our goal?

We at partygamespedia have the goal of gathering all different party games out there on one website, so that you’ll always be up-to-date with the most fun games that you can play. 

We hunt the internet for unique and fun games that are not easy to find, so that we can bring you the best party games out there you may not have heard of before!

In addition, we refresh already existing games by adding our own elements.

Whether it’s drinking games or just fun games while drinking your Sunday coffee, there’s always a fun game to play. 

What really distinguishes party games from normal board games is that party games can be played with both small and large groups. This often allows team play, which enhances the feeling of connecting with others.Regular board games are usually played with smaller groups, and are therefore not suitable for larger gatherings.

On top of that, party games usually don’t take very long. This makes them perfect for any moment, anywhere, anytime. Usually, those games are also very easy to explain, so you can easily introduce them to others at any moment. 

Social interaction is the core element of party games, as these often involve discussions and interactions that create fun and memorable moments for all players. 

We are sure that you will find something that everyone at your gathering enjoys playing, so pick a game and enjoy your gathering!

Do you know an unmissable party game that we need to include in our partygamespedia? Feel free to contact us and we will gladly add your game so that everyone can enjoy it!

Stay tuned, and enjoy your games!

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