7-14-21 Drinking Game: How to Play?

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This game also referred to as a variation of Bar Dice, is sometimes played in bars to determine who will pay for the next round. However, the 7 14 21 drinking game is very playable in any setting that involves social drinking.

In short, players try to subsequently score a 7, 14, or 21 by rolling aces. Whoever scores these numbers determines who will choose, buy, and drink a shot or drink.

In case you are playing from home, the rules should be a little different because, well, drinks are bought at a bar.

Here, we will explain both the bar and the home versions.

What do you need?

  • Five dice
  • One cup that fits all dice
  • Three or more players

The non-transparent cup is used to roll the dice in, like in the game Tenzi. Therefore, it should be large enough to fit all the dice.

Got all the materials? Then let’s explain how the game works.

7 14 21 Rules

Before the game starts, all players roll one die to determine who will start the game. The player with the highest number starts.

The first player rolls all dice, hoping to roll 1’s (Aces). If the player doesn’t roll any aces, they pass the dice cup to the next player on their left. If the player does roll aces, they count the number of aces and roll again.

The player keeps re-rolling the dice and adding up the aces. When a roll doesn’t include any aces, the dice cup goes to the next player, who will start a new sequence of rolls. This player will continue adding their aces to the ace score of the previous player, also passing the dice cup to the next player after a roll without aces.

The image below shows an example of what this would look like. The first two rolls contain aces, meaning that the player can continue rolling. The third roll doesn’t, meaning that the dice are passed on to the next player.

image showing three consecutive dice rolls and the points that are scored for each roll, as an example of how the 7 14 21 drinking game should be played.

When a player reaches the ace scores of 7, 14, and 21, the following actions occur:

Bar version

  • 7: The player chooses a shot
  • 14: This player will pay for the shot
  • 21: This player must drink the shot

Home version

  • 7: Player chooses another player to take a shot or finish their drink
  • 14: Player takes a shot or finishes their own drink.
  • 21: Everyone but this player takes a shot or finishes their drink.

When a player reaches the number 17, they remove the aces from the game. For example, if a player rolls an 18, they should have only three dice left in the cup.

Wrap Up

The 7 14 21 drinking game home version is a great way to either start your party or take it to the next level. The bar version, on the other hand, can be a gift or a curse, depending on your dice rolls… We advise you to discuss maximum shot prices to prevent any unpleasant interactions between those who choose and pay for the shots.

You can always change the rules to make the game as pleasant as possible for everyone. Feel free to share any fun rules that you come up with!

After a couple of rounds, it can be fun to switch to a different game. King’s Dice, for example, is a different dice drinking game that you can try.

Remember to always drink responsibly by knowing your limits. Keep an eye out for each other and make sure that everyone is doing well. Know when to stop yourself and prevent others from going past their limits.

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