Kings Dice Drinking Game: How to Play?

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King’s Cup is a popular and fun drinking game that creates a lot of laughter and memorable moments. However, this game can get lengthy at times because of the many cards that are drawn. The Kings Dice Drinking Game is the little brother of the King’s Cup Drinking Game, as it has shorter but similar gameplay.

Instead of drawing cards from the so called ‘Ring of Fire’, you only have to roll the dice.

Here, we will explain how the game works and provide you with some optional rules that you can introduce to give this party game a special twist.

What do you need?

  • A central party cup
  • One die
  • A pen plus a piece of paper
  • Three or more players
  • Drinks for everyone

How do I play Kings Dice?

In the original game of King’s Cup, players take turns drawing cards from a ring of cards that is placed around a central King’s Cup. Each card symbol has a specific, corresponding assignment that the players then must complete. For each king that is drawn, the player adds a portion of some kind of beverage to the King’s Cup. The player who either draws the fourth king or interrupts the circle loses the game and must drink the contents of the King’s Cup.

In Kings Dice, there’s only one die with which you will play, meaning there are only six different actions or rules.

Kings Dice Rules

  • One: Waterfall. The player starts drinking, and the person to their left cannot stop until the first player stops. The player to the left of that player cannot stop until the second player stops.
  • Two: The player selects two people who must take a sip.
  • Three: You take a drink.
  • Four: Make an action rule. This action must always be performed before a player takes a sip. If the player forgets to do so, then they must drink.
  • Five: Snake eyes. Other players cannot look this player in the eyes. If they do, they must drink.
  • Six: King counter. This player gets a King counter and must pour something into the King’s cup.

The image below shows an overview of this game’s rules. You can save or print it so that it is easier to access while playing.

overview of kings dice rules

How is it different from the King’s Cup?

The game ends with the first player getting four king counters. This player loses the game and must drink the contents of the King’s cup.

What makes this game unique is that it is more fast-paced and extreme than the original King’s Cup.

For example, there are only four snake eyes cards in the normal version. This often results in one player having the snake eyes role for a relatively long time, making it easier for other players to just ignore that person. With this version, the snake eyes role can rotate quickly between players, making it difficult to get used to one person being snake eyes.

On top of that, the action rules that are added accumulate. With this version, there can be a quick accumulation of different rules, making it harder and harder to keep track of them all. Therefore, players have a higher chance of failing and drinking. Here are some exemplary rules that you could add:

  • Take the invisible leprechaun off of your glass before drinking.
  • Slap your forehead before drinking.
  • Suck your thumb before drinking.

And there are many more options! These are just a start. Feel free to be creative and make up your own personalized rules!

And last but not least: the king’s counters. These counters can accumulate quickly for one player, or it may take quite a while. The fun part of this is that each round is unique in terms of the cup’s volume and drink composition. In some rounds, there may be many different contributions until the cup is full, while in other rounds, the cup may be half full due to a low number of donations.

a king holding a beer

Wrap Up

In short, Kings Dice is a fun variant of the Kings Cup drinking game that has a lower variety in terms of possible assignments but a higher variety in gameplay. The fast-paced origin of the game allows for entertaining situations by putting more pressure on all players.

Some rounds are quickly over, while others may take longer. This allows for more players to lose and drink the King’s Cup instead of just one player who must drink it after a lengthy game session.

You can always decide to switch to another dice drinking game, such as 7, 11 doubles, or even go for a more active drinking game with cups. Just take a look around. We guarantee that you will find a game to your liking!

Remember to always drink responsibly and know your limits. Always keep an eye out for others and let them know when they are going downhill, as others may not know this themselves.

Have fun!

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