21 Dice Game Mexican: How to Play?

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Many of us are familiar with the 21 dice game, also referred to as Mexicali or Mexican. This Mexican dice game is especially popular as a simple drinking game that requires minimal equipment.

There is no real limit to the number of players for this game, making it a perfect option for parties and larger gatherings. It can also be a lot of fun to play without alcohol, making it a great pastime for any occasion!

What do you need?

  • Two dice
  • Two or more players
  • Enough drinks for the drinking version

21 Dice Game Rules

Before starting the game, players all roll one die to determine who will kick off. The player with the highest roll starts.

The first player starts the first turn by rolling the two dice a maximum of three times. Afterward, play continues clockwise, with all other players rolling as many times as the first player did. However, you can choose to roll fewer times.

Your goal is to roll the highest combination possible, which is 21. The player who rolls the lowest number of all rolls loses the round and must drink. However, if a player rolls scumbag (31), they immediately lose the round.

When multiple players roll the same lowest number, they reroll their dice until one of them alone ends with the lowest score.

Keep in mind that this game has a special scoring system! It is as follows:

  • Non-double roll = highest number x 10 + lowest number

The highest number of the two dice is multiplied by ten; the second number is added to this value.

If you roll doubles, then this becomes a multiple of 100. For example, double 5s become 500.

  • Double roll = single number x 100

The table below shows all the possible combinations and their values. You can save or print this image to make the game run as smoothly as possible.

21 dice game rules table

Additional Rules

The scoring mentioned above is the simplest way to play the 21 dice game. However, you can choose to add some special drinking rules to spice up the game. Some examples are:

  • Multiple Mex: Add other winning Mex combinations, for example, 41.
  • If you roll a die off the table, you must drink.
  • Chicken out: you can decide to take the round if you have rolled a low number and there is no 21 rolled yet, so that you’ll have to drink less.

21 Dice Game Variations

Aside from adding some additional rules to the base game, you can also overhaul the game into one of the following fun variations:

1. Blind Mexican Dice

Blind Mexican is a special variation of the game where you can’t see what you’ve rolled. Typically, you roll the dice in a cup, similar to how you would during the Yahtzee Drinking Game.

After rolling, you announce what you think you’ve rolled. The next player then has two options:

  • Believe your bid, make a higher bid, and pass the cup to the next player.
  • Choose not to trust the bid and challenge it, after which the dice are revealed.

If the value is lower than the most recent bid, the bidder must drink. If it’s equal to or higher, the challenger drinks.

2. Power Mexican Dice

In this version, you play with 2 pairs of dice. Two players facing each other roll simultaneously and can only pass the dice when they roll a Mex (21). The person currently rolling must drink. This process continues around the table.

With this version, you can choose to put a 1 or 2 aside if you roll them, as long as you still have rolls left. This increases your chances of rolling your changes of Mex, but it also increases the chances of people rolling the same numbers!

You can also combine the rules of Power Mexican Dice and Safekeeper into the game Powerful Mexican Safekeeper!

Remember to always drink responsibly. Know your limits and keep an eye out for each other to keep the atmosphere as relaxed and fun as possible.

Looking for another dice drinking game that involves rolling combinations? Try the Yahtzee Drinking Game! Totally different, but very entertaining nonetheless!

Have fun!

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