Three Man Drinking Game: How to play?

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The Three Man Drinking Game is a popular source of fun among students, because of its simplicity and thirst-quenching qualities. You might be asking yourself “Shouldn’t it be three men?”. Not this time! Three man is a role that one of the players will have during the game. A role that you prefer not to have unless you are really thirsty.

What do you need?

  • Two dice
  • Three or more players
  • Drinks for everyone

The Three Man Dice Drinking Game is played with just two dice, which makes it suitable for any location and occasion. Whether it’s the local pub or your lounge set in your garden, you’re good to go.

Before starting the game, it has to be determined who will be the ‘Three Man’.

One player starts by rolling one die. If it lands on the number three, then that person becomes the Three Man.

However, if the roll does not yield a three, then the next player rolls the die. This continues until someone rolls that three and becomes the Three Man.

Three Man Rules

The rules to Three Man are not very difficult to grasp. Once the Three Man is determined, the next player begins the game by rolling two dice. The outcome of the dice rolls determines if actions should be taken or not.

  • Rolling a 3: The Three Man must take a drink.
  • Rolling a 7: The person to the right of the roller must take a drink.
  • Rolling a 9: Everyone must take a drink.
  • Rolling an 11: The person to the left of the roller must take a drink.
  • Rolling doubles: The roller gives the dice to other players, either by distributing them over two players or by handing both to one player. The receiving players then roll the dice. The rollers must then take as many sips as the number of their rolls. However, if the rolls result in another double, then the giver must drink the sum of these two numbers.

If either of the dice shows a 3, the Three Man must take a drink. This means that both the combination of rolling 1 and 2, as well as any other combination that includes a 3, quench the Three Man’s thirst.

The only way the Three Man can avoid drinking is by rolling a 3 during their turn.

In the event that none of the above-mentioned combinations are rolled, the roller continues to roll.

The image below shows an overview of the game rules. You can save or print this image so that you have the rules easily accessible while playing:

three man drinking game rules.

Rules variations

The previously mentioned combination is that of the base game, but you can add some extra rules to spice up the gameplay. We will give some examples of extra rules that you can include to make the game more intense.

  • Roll a 5: The roller must drink. This only holds for the sum of five
  • Double 1: Snake Eyes: Every time another player looks this player in the eyes, they must drink. This continues until another player rolls a double 1 and becomes the new Snake Eyes.
  • If a die rolls off the table, you must drink.
  • If the Three Man rolls a 3, the Three Man chooses another player to become the Three Man.
  • Four Man: If the Three Man rolls double 3, they choose another player to become the ‘Four Man’. The Four Man has the same responsibilities as the Three Man, but with the number 4, of course.

You can always add more or different rules based on what you prefer. For example, the game King’s Dice has several other rules that you might want to include as well.

Three Man Drinking Game: Easy but Effective

The Three Man Dice Game is one of the many fun dice drinking games that is easy to understand, fun to play, and effective in terms of keeping the party going.

Do you have any fun rule variations that we should add? Feel free to let us know in the comments or by mailing us at

Remember to always drink responsibly. Know your limits, and keep an eye out for each other. Remind others to take it easy whenever necessary, and if a player indicates that things are going too fast, slow it down.

You can always switch to another game that is less fast-paced or more active, like the games with cups.

But most importantly: Have fun and enjoy your event!

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