Beer Dice: How to Play?

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Beer Dice, also known as Beer Die, is an entertaining social drinking game that involves tossing dice onto a table and trying to catch them. In a way, it is similar to beer pong because it involves party cups and aiming throws. However, this game requires a bit more finesse and hand-eye coordination!

Do you want to learn how this game is played? In this post, we will teach you the set-up, rules, and gameplay so that you can start playing right now!

Down below, there’s also an old-school video that perfectly explains how to play Beer Dice.

Your Game Information




20-30 party cups, 2+ ping pong balls


5-10 minutes







Beer Dice Setup

an overview of the setup of Beer Dice with one central table, one party cup in each corner, and two chairs on both ends of the table.

Here’s how to prepare for Beer Dice:

  1. Choose an area or room that has enough space for a table of at least 6 feet (72 inches, 1.80 meters) in length, plus chairs in each corner.
    • In case you don’t have a table, you can also make your own using a large piece of wood or sturdy cardboard.
  2. Make sure that both the table’s and ground surface cannot be damaged by flying dice. We advise to play with:
    • A table cloth or an old table
    • A concrete or tiled floor in case you’re playing indoors.
    • An outdoor setting
  3. Place a drink-filled cup on each corner of the table, about a hand-length distance from both table edges.
  4. Place a chair on each corner of the table.
  5. All four players sit down. One team plays on each end of the table, just like with Beer Pong.

Before you start playing, it’s necessary to determine the minimum height of each throw. The dice traveling distance should form a bow as shown in the image below. Choose a height that is easily measured in your situation, for example:

  • The height of a nearby lamp
  • The height of a nearby door post.
  • A certain distance from the ceiling.
  • The height of the tallest player

two party cups across from each other on a table and a dotted line showing the movement the beer dice should make.

Beer Dice Rules

First you determine the starting team. All four players roll one die, and the team that has the highest sum of rolls starts at throw.

The next thrower will be the player that is sitting across from the starting player, after which the turn goes back to the second player of the starting team. After that, it’s the fourth player’s turn.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to be the first team to score 15 points by either throwing or catching. Below, we will describe how you can score points in both roles.

Throwing Team Rules:

As a thrower, you will try to score points by bouncing the dice off the table on the other team’s side. You can score points in three ways:

  • 1 point: the die bounces off the table and is not caught.
  • 1 point: the die bounces off the catcher’s hand onto the ground.
  • 2 points: the die lands in the cup of the other player.

However, there are some rules that you’ll need to stick to:

  • You can only throw underhanded, meaning you have two options:
    • From below the table, with your palm up.
    • From above your head, with your palm up.
  • Your elbow can’t go over the table’s edge.

If you break any of these rules, you must drink.

Catching Team Rules

As the team at catch, you will try to catch the die when it bounces off the table. The catching team scores points in the following situations:

  • 1 point: If you catch the die after it bounces off the table
  • 1 point: If the thrower lands the dice on their half of the table

For the catching team, the following rules apply:

  • The die must be caught with one hand.
  • The catching hand cannot touch anything else but the die.
  • You must directly catch the die. If the die bounces off your catching hand onto the table, it is a fail.

If it doesn’t bounce off the table, NO points are scored. This is when more drinking rules come in!

Drinking Rules

You must drink in one of the following situations:

  • If the die touches your cup.
  • If your thrown die touches the ceiling.
  • If your throw misses the table
  • If your die remains on the table.

Bizz and Buzz Rule

One general rule is that players are not allowed to say the numbers5” and “7“. In this game, five is called ‘Bizz’ and seven ‘Buzz’.

  • If anyone says “five” or “seven”, their team must finish their beers.
  • If your throw remains on the table AND number 5 is facing up, your team must chug that crispy golden boy.
    • After that, the chugging team can roll the dice back with their cup, hoping to roll 5 so that the other team must chug their beer as well.

As said before, the first team to score 15 points wins the game!

The following video explains how to play Beer Die:

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Final remarks…

Beer Dice (or Beer Die) is not that well-known, but it is a golden game everyone should know about! It fits perfectly into an evening of active drinking games with cups like at many parties.

One round of this game is played with four people, but you can easily include many more players if you’re with a larger group of people. You can choose to switch players after each full round, or just switch teams after each game. A beer dice championship can also be very fun. Make a pool of teams that play against each other, then let the losers play against the winners, etcetera. Be creative!

In case you want to play a game with dice that doesn’t require any party cups or physical activity, you can check out the other dice drinking games.

Remember to always drink responsibly by sticking to your limits. Don’t push others into unwanted drinking behaviors, and keep an eye out for each other. Prevent yourself and others from taking it a step too far.


Beer Die – FAQ

Is Beer Die hard?

Beer Die is harder than games like Beer Pong, although anyone can play it. The die is much smaller than a ping pong ball, you can only throw underhand, and the die must bounce off the opposite long end of the table. The small size of the die makes the catching also more difficult. Nevertheless, it’s a very fun game that brings great moments whether you’re winning or losing!

Can you play Beer Die with 3 people?

Beer Die is best played with teams of two people, although you can play it with one team of two players versus one other player.

When did beer die become popular?

When it exactly was invented remains a mystery, although it is likely that it was invented at the Alpha Tau Omega House of Maine University in 1972.

Is Beer Die a sport?

This depends on what you call a sport. It’s an active party game, so in that way it is a beer sport. However, there are no official tournaments as there are for Beer Pong.

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