14+ Best Drinking Games With Dice to Play With Friends

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Drinking games are always fun to play while hanging out with your friends or family. The big advantage of drinking games with dice is that you can take them and play them anywhere you like! In this post, you can learn to play the best dice drinking games with dice so that you can get your party started!

For every game on this list, we have a guide that explains exactly how to play it. Often, we also add an image with an overview of the game rules that you can save on your phone so that you have the rules in close proximity.

So grab a drink, choose a game, and enjoy. Cheers!

List of Best Drinking Games with Dice

1. Ship, Captain, and Crew

Ship, Captain, Crew dice game is an engaging and easy-to-learn party game that can be played with or without drinks.

With a minimum of just two players and five dice, you can play it anywhere and with anyone!

Players take turns rolling five dice, aiming to acquire the roles of ship, captain, and crew. These roles must be acquired in a specific order. Once achieved, the remaining dice can be rolled for cargo points to take on your overseas journey.

The game ends after a set number of rounds, or when a player reaches a specific cargo score.

In the drinking version, players distribute drinks based on their rolls. The drinking intensity of Ship, Captain, Crew is not very high, so it is perfect for a relaxed hangout session with friends or family.

2. Tenzi

Tenzi is a lively and fast drinking dice game where you try to roll ten identical numbers, as quickly as possible. For example: your first roll contains four 3’s that you set apart. Subsequently, you focus on rolling all threes.

Players all roll ten dice simultaneously, trying to reach their target combo. When someone succeeds, they shout “Tenzi!” and the round ends.

This means that the game can get quite chaotic! Therefore, we advise only playing this game when there is room for noise.

For extra fun, there are variations like “Splitzi” and “Tenzi Tower.” In “Splitzi,” players aim for two different combos, while “Tenzi Tower” means stacking dice in a tall tower while keeping the right combo.

It’s great for small or big groups, and it’s very easy to play. Its simplicity makes it easy for everyone to join in.

However, you do need 10 dice per player. This makes it less convenient than the other dice games on this list.

Whether with drinks or just for fun, Tenzi always brings a good vibe to your group.

3. 7, 11 or Doubles

7, 11, or Doubles is a super chill dice drinking game that’s easy to pick up.

You roll two dice and aim to get either a 7, 11, or any doubles. Hitting one of these combos means that you can hand out drinking actions to other players. There is one central cup from which the player must drink.

The drinker must finish the cup before the other player rolls a new successful combo; otherwise it is refilled. This can lead to memorable moments where an entertained roller enjoys the drinker’s frustrations.

You can play with as many people as you want. It’s super flexible, and you can start or stop anytime.

For this game, you will only need one filled central cup, two dice, and ready-to-pour drinks.

4. Higher or Lower

The High Low Dice drinking dice game is a versatile and entertaining mix of luck and strategy.

It’s playable as normal or drinking version and requires just two dice and a group of friends.

Players take turns in guessing their next roll as higher or lower than the previous. You gain points by guessing correctly, and lose points if you’re wrong. It’s a straightforward yet engaging game that’s easy to grasp.

Instead of points, you can also play for stakes such as drinks or coins. There are several fun variations to this game, so just choose one that’s best for you and your friends.

The exact rules, gameplay, and variations are all explained in our High Low Guide.

5. King’s Dice

Kings Dice is the dice-based version of the popular game King’s Cup. Players carry out tasks that correspond to their rolled numbers. The player who loses the game must drink the central King’s Cup. Due to its versatility in challenges, it’s definitely one of our favorite drinking games with dice!

Because this version has only six different challenges instead of thirteen as with King’s Cup, you’ll get crazy moments with quick role shifting between players. Pay close attention or be prepared for many sips!

You can only play this game with three or more players.

All you need is one central King’s Cup, one die, a pen, a piece of paper, and drinks for everyone.

Learn to play the game by reading our King’s Dice Guide.

6. Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice is a classic that involves bluffing and deduction. Guess the total number of a specific face on the table, or trap others into making wrong predictions. After a wrong prediction, players lose a die. Be the last player remaining and win the game!

It is very similar to the game Perudo, but without the Perudo die face. If you love Perudo, then you’ll love Liar’s Dice as well.

To play the game, you’ll need at least two players. However, more players are what you should aim for.

For each player, you’ll need five dice and one non-transparent cup so that you can check out your rolls in private. Drinks for everyone are also unmissable, of course!

If you want to learn how to play this game, then you should read our Liar’s Dice Guide.

statue of a thinking man with two dice and a cup in the background, saying 'Five Sixes!'

7. Odd or Even

With the Odd or Even Dice Game, you predict whether the sum of your next roll will be an odd or even number. It’s a fun game of chance that definitely deserves a spot on this list.

There’s not much thinking involved in this game, which can come in handy at times.

The game can be played with just two players, although the more the merrier. Aside from drinks for everyone, you’ll only need a minimum of two dice. More dice increase the smoothness of gameplay but are not a necessity.

8. Three Man

Three Man is a popular dice-based drinking game where you assign drinks or perform tasks based on the numbers you roll.

One player has the role of ‘Three Man’, who will drink the most. Being thirsty is a welcome gift for the Three Man. This role can switch between players depending on your playing style. It’s a fun and interactive game that can be enjoyed in any social hangout.

You’ll need at least three players for this game, but the more, the better! Each player should have two dice available because this allows for smooth gameplay.

9. Battle Dice

For this game, you’ll need a rectangular table, some tape, equal teams, and one die for each player. The objective is to battle with the other team by rolling your dice in their safe zone.

First of all, you’ll need to mark the safe zones of both teams by making two lines on both ends of the table at a distance of five inches from the edge. After that, you’re ready to go.

  • Both teams choose a side of the table as their playing field and position themselves there.
  • Players take turns rolling their dice into the safe zone of the opposing team.
    • The dice must be rolled, so no sliding!
  • You score if you land your die in the opponent’s safe zone; the number of your die equals the score for that shot.
  • At the end of the round, both teams count their total points.
  • The team with the highest score wins that round, and the score is written down.
  • The losing team takes as many sips as the points earned by the winning team.
    • Sips can be divided among team members.
  • The game ends when one team reaches a total of 50 points.
    • The losing team then finishes their drink.
the setup of battle dice: two parallel lines on both ends of the table, at a five inch distance from the short edge of the table.

10. 7-14-21

7, 14, 21 is a fun game of counting rolled aces. The goal of the game is to collectively count up from 1 to the three milestones seven, fourteen, and twenty-one. It is often played in bars where you decide who chooses, buys, and drinks a shot. However, here we also made a version that you can play from home and doesn’t involve any buying.

The game can be played with two players, although we recommend at least three. You’ll need five dice plus one cup to roll the dice with. Drinks for everyone are unmissable as well, but that holds for all games on this list.

Do you want to try this game? Learn how to play it with our 7 14 21 Guide.

11. Yahtzee Drinking Game

The Yahtzee Drinking Game is a fun drinking version of the classic dice game Yahtzee. It uses the same score pad as the traditional game, but players must drink for certain rolls and end scores.

It’s a great combination of strategy and chance! There is some thinking involved, so it might be most suitable for starting your party.

To play this game, you’ll need at least two players. The more the marrier, but with just two players it’s also fun. One benefit is that you won’t need much materials. Five dice and one dice cup will do. And, of course, drinks!

Read the Beer Yahtzee Guide for the full rules and gameplay.

12. Mexicali or 21 Dice Game

The 21 Dice Game, also referred to as ‘Mexicali’ or ‘Mexican’, is a very popular drinking game for parties. In this game, you try to roll the highest combination possible with two dice. The highest combination to score is 21, hence the name.

It’s a fun combination of strategy and luck where you must drink if you end the round the player with the lowest roll after one round.

The game can be played with two players, although we do recommend at least three. If you want to learn how to play this game, then you can read our 21 Dice Guide.

13. Roll The Dice

The Roll The Dice drinking game is the most simple and easy drinking game on this list, but it’s very fun nonetheless! The game counts as many rounds as you have faces on your die, and the one who rolls the number of that round must drink that many sips.

You can go crazy and add another die to the game, or even use one that has more than six sides! The drinking level of this game is not very high, unless you add extra dice.

The only thing that you’ll need for this game is at least one die. More dice are completely optional!

Read the Roll the Dice guide for more information.

14. Pigs Dice

Pigs Dice combines luck and strategy into a fun drinking (or normal) game. The goal of this game is to be the first player to score 100 points by scoring as many points as possible during your turn.

But beware! If you roll a 1, you’ll end your round without any points. Bank your points and pass the dice, or keep rolling to hopefully increase your score instead of losing it!

15. Beer Dice

Beer Dice is the most active game on this list of drinking games with dice. It is comparable to Beer Pong because it involves solo cups and throwing! Instead of ping pong balls, you throw dice. However, the rules are completely different, and this game requires much more skill than Beer Pong!

This game was invented in 1972 by a couple of students who were playing around with dice and some beers. Many years later, it is still played because it’s a very fun game that will keep you entertained for quite a while!

You will need a rectangular table, some solo cups, and a die. This game can get messy, so we would advise you to choose an area that can handle people moving around and beer on the floor. Your garden would be a perfect environment.

There are several ways of scoring points, either as the throwing or catching team. How it exactly works is explained in our Beer Dice guide!

16. DnD Dice Drinking Game

In this game, one player with a 20-sided die battles against four other players with a six-sided die. You’ll need at least one d20 die and one d6 die, although it is better to have four d6.

Here’s how it’s played:

  • Each player rolls the 20-sided dice once.
  • The player with the highest number will be battling against the rest as the D20 Roller.
  • The other players all roll their d6 die, and sum up their total.
  • Then, the D20 Roller rolls the D20 die.
  • The team with the lowest number drinks the difference of the two totals.
    • If the D20 Roller is the loser, they are the D20 Roller in the next round as well.
    • If the D20 Roller wins, they can choose another player to replace them.

Final Words on Drinking Games with Dice

All of these best drinking games with dice can be played nearly everywhere, as long as you have a bit of flat space for rolling your dice.

They are easy to learn and have relatively short gameplay, so feel free to try more than one!

If you are looking for a more active drinking game, you should have a look at the best games with cups. Like Beer Dice, games with solo cups usually involve some kind of activities like aiming and throwing, which is always fun to do.

Are you missing any good dice drinking games on this list that we should include? Feel free to contact us by commenting on this post or by mailing us.

We would definitely love some new ideas that can be shared with the rest of our readers!

Remember to always drink responsibly. Keep an eye out for each other and make sure that no one is going past their limits. Treat others like you want to be treated, and you’ll have a blast for sure!

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