Beer Brawl Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

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Introducing the exhilarating Beer Brawl Drinking Game: a fast-paced 3v3 showdown where players rely on a row of three beer-filled cups as their crucial lifeline.

This game blends the excitement of Civil War and Beer Pong, shaping your destiny based on your teammates’ moves.

Like Civil War, players relentlessly aim and shoot balls at their opponents’ cups. The unique 1v1 format, unlike simultaneous shooting, adds an extra layer of intensity.

Only after one player’s cups are eliminated does the turn shift to the next two players.

Should your first player lose all their lives in the initial round, the challenge escalates. You must now eliminate both lives of the opposing team’s first and second player, demanding strategic precision for optimal victory chances.

Here, we will take you through the full rules and gameplay of this new drinking game variant.

Your Game Information




20-30 party cups, 2+ ping pong balls


5-10 minutes







How to Play Beer Brawl

To kick off your game of Beer Brawl, gather 20 cups and three ping pong balls.

Before diving into the Beer Brawl Drinking Game, take a moment to set up everything:

Setting Up

  • Set the stage by arranging three rows of three cups on each team’s playing field, with the rows aligned parallel to the long edge of the table and equal spacing between them.
  • Equip each team with two ping pong balls.
  • Fill every cup with beer.
  • Position a water cup on the side of each team’s playing field to serve as a cleaning station for dirty ping pong balls.
  • Establish teams, whether by choice or drawing straws.
  • Within each team, establish the playing order. If the first player falters in the initial round, the second player is responsible for rectifying the situation. Remember to strategize your game plan!

Beer Brawl Drinking Game Rules

Beer Brawl unfolds in three rapid-fire 1v1 rounds, adopting the continuous aiming and throwing style from Civil War—no fixed turns here.

The initial players from each team take their positions at their respective sides of the table, armed with a ping pong ball each.

At the signal, both players unleash their ping pong balls at their opponent’s life cups. A successful hit compels the opponent to consume the contents before resuming throwing. If they hit a cup from one of the other two opponents, they must instead finish one of their own life cups.

Non-throwing players can continuously retrieve balls and pass them to their thrower, but exclusively on their side of the table.

Eliminated cups exit the game, concluding a round when one player loses all their cups. The defeated player exits, and the next round commences.

Round 2 swaps both players for the second set of their team. The losing team’s second player must now clear both the remaining cups of the opposing team’s first player and those of the second player. The victorious team’s second player targets only the cups of the opposing second player.

Round 2 concludes when the cups of the first and second players from any team are eliminated. Round 3 kicks off with the third players of both teams.

The ultimate triumph goes to the first team to eradicate all other players!

Wrap Up

The Beer Brawl Drinking Game is an entertaining fusion of strategy and skill, with its dynamic 1v1 rounds and continuous aiming reminiscent of Civil War.

Remember to set up the playing field with precision, placing three rows of cups on each team’s side. Strategize wisely, especially in the face of unexpected challenges where the second player may need to clean up the first player’s mess.

Each round comes with new twists, swapping players and intensifying the strategic element.

We encourage you to drink responsibly and with moderation. It’s essential to prioritize fun and safety during your gaming experience.

Tip: Combine several party games with cups into one beer pong championships! May the most versatile team win!

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