Best Quarters Drinking Game Variations & How to Play

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example of the quarters drinking game: a hand bouncing a quarter into a glass.

Looking for a game to play with your friends that’s full of action and sips? The Quarters Drinking Game is the perfect choice.

In this game, you and your friends try to bounce quarters in each other’s cups or glasses. By scoring, you can make your opponents drink. What’s more fun than handing out sips as a reward for your bouncing skills?

Here, we will describe the rules of the easy-to-play but hard-to-master beer game quarters so that you and your friends can start playing right away.

Aside from the basic game rules, we will also introduce some fun variations that you can try.

? Materials: A central cup, one quarter

? Players: 3-6

Duration: 10-20 minutes

? Area: Indoor

? Drinks: Yes

The Setup

This games’ setup is very easy:

  1. Gather your friends around a table.
  2. Choose the type of beverage to play for.
    • In case of beer, take a party cup or similar sized drinking glass.
    • In case of stronger stuff, take a central shot glass.
  3. Fill the central container with the drink of choice.

How to Play the Quarters Drinking Game

The standard version of quarters is also the easiest to play, as it is quite straightforward and involves minimal rules. The gameplay is as follows:

  • Determine who will start the game. The easiest way to do so is by a round of rock, paper, and scissors.
  • The player at turn tries to single-bounce the quarter into the glass or cup. This can result in:
    • A hit: give the filled glass to another player, who must drink its contents.
    • A miss: In this case, you have two choices:
      1. Pass the quarter to the next player. Your turn has now ended.
      2. Try a second time. If this one misses, you must drink it yourself.

That’s all! This can go on and on and on. Just quit whenever it’s time to do so. Below you’ll find a video on how to play basic quarters.

The standard game might be a bit too easy for some. In that case, you can always try the other versions that we describe below.

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Train Quarters Rules

The Train version of the quarters beer game is a bit more intense than the previous one. It’s quite fast-paced and not for the faint hearted! With this game, all players have one cup or glass of their own and play at the same time, trying to be faster than the other players.

For this version, you’ll need several quarters per player. Here’s how it goes:

  • Everyone starts with a quarter and a filled glass or cup.
  • At the count of three, all players start bouncing their quarters in their own cup.
  • If they succeed, they pass their cup to the player to their left.
  • The first player that ends up with all cups loses the game and must drink them all.

It’s advisable to have more than one quarter per player so that everyone can keep playing.

Also, we would suggest to not completely fill the glasses so that the losing player doesn’t have to drink too much.

King’s Quarters Rules

Then there’s King’s Quarters. It’s name is derived from the game King’s Cup, where the loser must drink a central cup that’s filled with a mix of everyone’s drinks. In this version, you’ll play with one cup for each player, plus a central King’s Cup.

Here’s how it should be played:

  • Everyone pours a bit of their drink into a central King’s Cup, and takes one filled cup for themselves.
  • At the count of three, all players start bouncing their quarter into their own cup.
  • If they succeed, they must drink their cup’s contents as quickly as possible.
  • After that, they continue by bouncing a quarter into the King’s Cup.
  • If they succeed, they are safe.
  • The last person remaining drinks both their own drink plus the King’s Cup.

setup of the game King's Quarters: One central cup, surrounded by six individual party cups.

Team Quarters Rules

This is an intense version where two teams battle against each other. Before starting, make a row of five to ten shots and form two teams of at least two players. These teams battle against each other in short 1 versus 1 duels. Here’s how it works:

  • Both teams determine the order in which their teammates with play.
  • The starting players of both teams sit opposite to each other, with the row of glasses between them.
  • At the count of three, both players bounce their quarter into the first shot glass.
  • If they succeed, the other player must take the shot, and the scoring player switches with their teammate.
  • Both players then bounce their quarters into the second glass.
  • The succeeding player then again switches with their teammate, while the opposing player drinks the shot.
  • This continues until all shots are finished.

By switching players of the scoring team, you’ll get an exciting game that is not purely based on the skills of just one person. If one person must drink too much, they can always get help from their teammates.

the setup of team quarters drinking game: a row of shot glasses and five quarters on a table.

Wrap Up

One fun idea is to do a quarters drinking game marathon where you play one round of each of the versions described here. It’s perfect for parties and other events with larger groups of people.

You could also do a King’s marathon consisting of one round of King’s Cup, King’s Dice, and King’s Quarters. Perfect for your medieval-themed party!

Did you find our quarters versions fun? Or do you know any variations that we should include here? Please let us know in the comments!

Remember to always drink responsibly. Keep an eye out for each other and make sure that everyone is doing okay at all times. Never push anyone into drinking and don’t let others do this to you.

An last but not least: Cheers and have fun!

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