Fingers Drinking Game: How to Play & Fun Variations

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The gameplay of the fingers drinking game. A large cup of beer with five index fingers touching its edge.

The fingers drinking game, also known as the ‘finger bowl game’ or ‘spoof fingers’ is a fun and fast-paced drinking game with one objective: don’t be the last man standing. Unless you want to drink a cold mixture of your friends’ favorite drinks.

In this game, all players lay their fingers on a central cup or bowl filled with drinks. At the count of three, players either lift their finger from the cup, or they don’t.

At this moment, one player guesses the number of fingers on the bowl. If you’re right, you’re safe. If you’re wrong, you’re still in the game. The last one standing drinks the center cup.

In this Fingers drinking game guide, we will take you through the necessary equipment, the basic rules, and two unique variations: Double the Fun, and Extreme Fingers.

? Materials: A central cup (small groups) or bowl (larger groups)

? Players: 2-10

Duration: 5-10 minutes

? Area: Indoor

? Drinks: Yes

The Setup

The preparations for this game are as follows:

  1. Take a party cup or bowl and position it in the center of the table.
    • For small groups (2-6 players), a party cup should suffice. For larger groups, it’s recommended to use a bowl.
  2. All players gather around the table and pour a small portion of their drink into the cup or bowl.

How to Play Fingers Drinking Game

Below you’ll find a step-by-step instruction of the full gameplay. You should also try the variations at the bottom of this post!

  • The youngest player will start the round.
  • All players put one index finger on the edge of the central cup.
  • The starting player starts counting from three to one.
  • At one, players either lift their finger from the cup, or they don’t.
  • At that same moment, the player at turn guesses the number of fingers on the edge.
    • If they are right, they are eliminated from the game.
    • If they are wrong, they are still in the game.
  • The player to their left then starts a new turn.
  • This repeats until one player loses the game as the only one remaining.
  • The loser must then drink the contents of the central cup.

Basic Rules

To ensure a smooth and fair gameplay, everyone needs to stick to the following rules:

  • Everyone must do their move exactly at the count of one. If someone is too late, the turn is repeated.
  • To ensure hygiene, no one puts their finger inside the cup’s contents. Not that a mixture of everyone’s drinks is very hygienic, but it could be worse.
  • It is advisable to not use strong liquors, as one round lasts only 5-10 minutes. That’s asking for trouble.

Hopefully, I’m winning this one. I really don’t like wine, let alone someone else’s mixed with beer. Why am I even playing this game? I should’ve gone home when Sandy told me to.

Variations to the Fingers Drinking Game

1. Double the Fun

In this variant, all players use both their index fingers. This will make the game more difficult and longer lasting, which is useful when playing with smaller groups.

2. Extreme Fingers Drinking Game

In Extreme Fingers, you play with a central cup for the final loser plus a drink of your own. The general gameplay is equal to the classic game, but then with some extra rules:

  • For each good guess, you take one sip of your drink.
  • Only when you’ve finished your own drink, you’re out of the game.
    • Tip: drink as much as you can with each sip!
  • The last man standing drinks the central cup.

Wrap Up

The simplicity of the fingers drinking game makes it perfect for any party. We especially love the Extreme Fingers version, although it should be played with caution. This game can go really fast which requires everyone to know their limits.

Remember to always drink responsibly and keep an eye out for others. Don’t push anyone into drinking and don’t let others do this to you.

Feel free to try one of the many other drinking games! For example, the drinking games with party cups are definitely worth the try!

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