21 Best Games Similar to Cards Against Humanity

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If you’re a fan of Cards Against Humanity and looking for some equally fun alternatives, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 21 games similar to Cards Against Humanity that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

For those who don’t know Cards Against Humanity: the game involves players completing fill-in-the-blank statements using cards with random phrases or words. This results in unique and fun scenarios seeping with dark humor.

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Games Like Cards Against Humanity

1. Games of Walt

Number of players: 2+

In Games of Walt, players take turns in reading a fill-in-the-blank statement. Like in Cards Against Humanity, all other players then submit a white answer card, after which the asker chooses the best answer. Games of Walt allows players to come up with hilarious and unexpected combinations.

It should be noted that this game contains statements not suitable for kids or players who are easily offended.

2. Apples to Apples

Number of players: 4-10

Apples to Apples is a classic party game that is also very similar to Cards Against Humanity. In this game, players have to match nouns with adjectives to create funny and sometimes outrageous combinations. The judge then decides which pairing is the best.

It’s a great game for a large group of people and guarantees a great atmosphere.

3. Smash or Pass

Number of players: 4-8

In Smash or Pass, players decide whether they would ‘smash’ (date) or ‘pass’ on different combinations of green and red cards. Green cards generally describe ‘attractive’ characteristics, the red ‘non-attractive’. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, this game results in random and hilarious combinations.

4. Death by Captions

Number of players: 3-12

In Death by Captions, players take turns in drawing a photo card instead of a fill-in-the-blank statement. All other players then submit a caption card of their choice, after which the Judge shuffles the submitted cards.

Each player then randomly draws a caption card and performs its caption. The judge then votes for the best performance, after which the performer receives the photo card and the submitter the caption card. The player who collects the most cards wins the game.

5. Tell Me Without Telling Me

Number of players: 4-99

This 18+ game is similar to 30 Seconds. In 60 seconds, one player describes as many one-syllable words as possible to their teammates in one of three ways: using one word only, using no words, or using any words but just not what’s on the card. The team that collects the most cards wins the game.

It’s perfect for occasions like parties and hangouts with friends.

6. Disturbed Friends

Number of players: 2-10

Disturbed Friends is a party game that tests how well you know your friends and vice versa. Players are given a question card, and they have to guess how their friends would answer. The questions in this game are very controversial and lead to crazy and hilarious answers.

7. What do you Meme?

Number of players: 2+

What do you Meme? is a popular internet-inspired game where players have to create the funniest memes using caption cards. Each round, a photo card is drawn, and players have to choose the best caption card to go with it. The judge then decides which meme is the funniest.

8. Superfight

Number of players: 3-20

Superfight is an entertaining card game that pits players against each other in ridiculous battles. Each player is given a character card and a power card, and they have to argue why their character would win in a fight against the other player’s character. The arguments can get pretty funny and lead to some hilarious debates.

9. New Phone, Who Dis?

Number of players: 4-20

New Phone, Who Dis? is a texting-based party game where players have to respond to text messages using cards with pre-written responses. The goal is to come up with the funniest responses to win the round. The judge then decides which combination is the best. Whoever scores the most cards at the end wins the game.

10. Game of Phones

Number of players: 3+

Game of Phones is a modern scavenger hunt game that uses smartphones. Players draw cards with prompts, and they have to find something on their phones that fits the description. For example: “Show the last photo you took”. After that, the judge decides on the winner of that round.

It’s a fun and interactive game where you can take a peek in each others online life and get to know your friends on another level. Perfect for hangouts with close friends or family.

11. Say Anything

Number of players: 4-8

Say Anything is a party game that challenges players to quickly write down an answer to a random debatable question, such as “What’s the best activity for a first date?” or “What would I most want for my next birthday?”. This is followed by a voting round where players vote for their favorite response.

This game is perfect as a party and conversation starter as it encourages fun social interaction.

12. KinderPerfect

Number of players: 4+

KinderPerfect is a party game designed specifically for parents. The game includes hilarious question cards on the challenges of parenthood and requires players to come up with creative and funny responses. For example: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes _____.”

This game is best played at gatherings like baby showers and mom’s night outs!

13. The Game of Things

Number of players: 4+

The Game of Things is a party game where players have to write down funny responses to various prompts such as “Things you shouldn’t mix” or “Things you shouldn’t collect”. Players then score points by trying to guess who wrote what.

It’s a game that encourages creativity and humor leading to memorable moments with your friends.

14. Doodle Master

Number of players: 3+

Doodle Master is a drawing-based party game where players have to draw various prompts within a time limit. The game consists of black character cards and white scenario cards. Based on dice rolls, it’s determined what crazy scenario the player must draw. The other players then have to guess what the drawing represents.

15. What’s Yours Like?

Number of players: 4-20

What’s Yours Like? is a party game where players have to guess which object or person the other players are describing. All players except the guesser take a look at a guess word, after which they describe what theirs is like. The guesser then tries to figure out what’s being described.

For example: The players are shown a card saying ‘underwear’. The guesser then receives answers like ‘You can barely see mine’, ‘Mine gets wet’, and ‘Mine is stretchy’.

16. If You Know You Know

Number of players: 4-8

Who knows each other the best? You Know You Know is a party game where players have to guess other’s answers on three personal multiple-choice questions of different difficulty levels. The first level consists of two possible answers (A, B), the second of three (A, B, C) and the third of four (A, B, C, D).

The game includes both a deck of normal and NSFW questions, making it perfect for any occasion!

17. Loaded Questions: Adult Edition

Number of players: 4-6

Adult Loaded Questions is a party game that asks provocative and hilarious questions to spark fun conversations and lots of laughter. The questions are designed to get people talking and sharing funny stories.

An exemplary question would be: “What is a strange substitute for toilet paper?”. All players then think of a funny answer and write it on their answer sheet. The judge chooses the best answer, and its creator advances two spaces on the board. The first player to reach the finish wins the game.

18. That’s What She Said

Number of players: 4+

That’s What She Said is quite similar to Cards Against Humanity. It’s a party game where players have to match hilarious red scenario cards with white phrase cards from their hand. The goal is to create the funniest and most outrageous combinations. The judge then chooses the best combination.

An exemplary red card could be: “in the cave, Batman turned to Robin and said _____”. The best chosen white card then says: “No peeking!”.

19. Drawing Without Dignity

Number of players: 4-12

Drawing Without Dignity is a team-based party game where players have to draw hilarious and inappropriate scenes based on various prompts, for example “fat camp”. The goal is to create the funniest and most outrageous drawings within a certain timeframe. To score points, your teammates must guess your drawing correctly. A lot like Pictionary but for adults!

20. Relative Insanity

Number of players: 4-12

Relative Insanity is a party game created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Players have to complete funny and outrageous statements using punchline cards. The judge then decides which response is the most hilarious. It’s a game very similar to Cards Against Humanity that guarantees lots of fun.

21. Joking Hazard

Number of players: 3-10

Joking Hazard is an adult party game created by the creators of the webcomic Cyanide & Happiness. Players have to create funny and outrageous comic strips using panel cards. The judge then decides which comic strip they think is the funniest.

The game has several expansion sets that will keep you entertained for a while.

Games Similar to Cards Against Humanity: Wrap up

Whether you’re looking for a game that pushes boundaries, sparks creativity, or simply guarantees lots of laughter, these alternatives have got you covered. Give them a try and let the fun begin!

Also, feel free to have a look at some of our other party games such as Spoons. This is a more active game and is perfect to combine with verbal games like the ones on this page.

And last but not least: have fun, lots of fun!

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