Spelling Bee Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

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Test your spelling skills while sipping on your cold and crispy boy with the Spelling Bee Drinking Game! In this entertaining party game, you challenge your friends to correctly spell tricky words.

Whether you’re eager to kick off your party or simply searching for a fun activity to keep everyone amused, Spelling Bee has got you covered.

Here, we will guide you through the full rules and gameplay.

Your Game Information




20-30 party cups, 2+ ping pong balls


5-10 minutes







Spelling Bee Drinking Game Rules

Before starting the game, ensure everyone has enough drinks. This ensures smooth gameplay with minimal interruptions.

Additionally, designate one person as the judge and presenter. This individual will announce the words and oversee the overall flow of the game.

The Gameplay

  1. Gather 4 to 20 players and let the judge determine the starting player.
  2. The judge gives a word to a player, who spells it. Then, the next player gets a word.
    • Correct spellings earn two sips and progression to the next round.
    • Incorrect spellings result in chugging the drink and elimination.
  3. After two rounds of easy words, move on to two rounds of medium-difficulty words, and so on.
  4. If one of the last two players misses a word, the remaining person must spell one more word correctly to win.
    • If the remaining player also fails, both players restart the round.

Maintaining focus while spelling more challenging words becomes a real challenge when there’s more and more sips involved. Even the sharpest minds may find the Spelling Bee drinking game quite challenging!

Spelling Bee Words for Adults

To get you started, we’ve comprised a list of easy to hard Spelling Bee words for adults:

Easy Difficulty Words

  1. Ephemal
  2. Juxtapo
  3. Quibble
  4. Zeniths
  5. Vorices
  6. Expanse
  7. Coalesce
  8. Verdant
  9. Epitome
  10. Synchronize
  11. Quandry
  12. Nebulae
  13. Tangent
  14. Quinine
  15. Abstain
  16. Languid
  17. Zephyrs
  18. Utopian
  19. Dwindle
  20. Umbrage
  21. Voracious
  22. Jubilee
  23. Xylogen
  24. Quorate
  25. Charade
  26. Epitaph
  27. Verbose
  28. Plaudit
  29. Chagrin
  30. Cryptic
  31. Irksome
  32. Exigent
  33. Lustrum
  34. Zealous
  35. Excerpt
  36. Oblique
  37. Gumption
  38. Fervent
  39. Tenable
  40. Quandry
  41. Replete
  42. Solvent
  43. Vexation
  44. Yearning
  45. Clarity
  46. Foreman
  47. Ignoble
  48. Quirky
  49. Verdant
  50. Upstart

Medium Difficulty Words

  1. Acrimonious
  2. Belligerent
  3. Cacophonous
  4. Defenestra
  5. Ebullition
  6. Facetious
  7. Garrulous
  8. Harangue
  9. Ineffable
  10. Juxtapose
  11. Kowtowing
  12. Labyrinthi
  13. Mellifluous
  14. Nonplussed
  15. Obfuscate
  16. Pernicious
  17. Quandaries
  18. Rambunctio
  19. Sycophant
  20. Truculent
  21. Ubiquitous
  22. Vexatious
  23. Weltering
  24. Xenophobic
  25. Yuletide
  26. Zephyrian
  27. Aberration
  28. Bombastic
  29. Cantanker
  30. Delineate
  31. Ephemeral
  32. Flagrantl
  33. Grandiose
  34. Higgledyp
  35. Inscrutab
  36. Juxtaposi
  37. Kerfuffle
  38. Lugubrious
  39. Melliflue
  40. Nefarious
  41. Obnubilat
  42. Persuasin
  43. Quagmire
  44. Resplendent
  45. Sibilance
  46. Trepidati
  47. Unctuousl
  48. Verdantl
  49. Wraithlik
  50. Xenophili

Hard Difficulty Words

  1. Antagonistic
  2. Bibliophile
  3. Cacophonous
  4. Dichotomous
  5. Ebulliently
  6. Facetiously
  7. Grandiosity
  8. Haplessness
  9. Inefficacy
  10. Juxtaposing
  11. Kaleidoscope
  12. Languishing
  13. Mellifluous
  14. Nonchalant
  15. Obfuscation
  16. Perniciously
  17. Quandarying
  18. Rambunctious
  19. Sycophantic
  20. Truculently
  21. Ubiquitously
  22. Vexatiously
  23. Welteringly
  24. Xenophobic
  25. Yearningly
  26. Zephyrlike
  27. Aberrations
  28. Bombastically
  29. Cantankerous
  30. Delineation
  31. Ephemeral
  32. Flagrantly
  33. Grandiosity
  34. Higgledy-piggledy
  35. Inscrutable
  36. Juxtaposed
  37. Kerfuffle
  38. Lugubrious
  39. Mellifluously
  40. Nefariously
  41. Obnubilated
  42. Persuasion
  43. Quagmire
  44. Resplendent
  45. Sibilance
  46. Trepidation
  47. Unctuously
  48. Verdantly
  49. Wraithlike
  50. Xenophiles

Spelling Bee Tips: How to get better

Improving at the “Spelling Bee Drinking Game” can be both enjoyable and fun! Here’s how you can get better:

  1. Expand Your Vocabulary: A good vocabulary is crucial. Read various materials like books and articles to enhance your word bank and spelling skills.
  2. Play Word Games: Engage in games like Scrabble or crossword puzzles. They’re fun and help improve your word recall and spelling.
  3. Use Spelling Apps: Utilize spelling apps such as Spelling Master for regular practice, which can significantly boost your abilities.
  4. Practice Under Pressure: Since the game involves drinking, practice spelling after having a drink (safely) to mimic game conditions and improve your performance even when tipsy.
  5. Learn Tricky Words: Focus on commonly misspelled words. List them out and practice spelling them.
  6. Start with Simple Words: Begin with easier words and gradually tackle harder ones. This approach builds your skills and confidence steadily.
  7. Stay Calm and Focused: Parties are full of distractions. Train yourself to stay focused and calm, which aids in better word recall and spelling accuracy.
  8. Enjoy the Game: Remember, it’s all about having fun. The more you relax and enjoy, the better you’ll perform.

Following these tips will not only improve your Spelling Bee skills, but also make the learning process enjoyable. Not only is this useful for Spelling Bee; it’s good for your overall intelligence!

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