Beeramid Card Game: Rules & How to Play

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Looking for a fun drinking game that’s easy to grasp and perfect for both small and large groups? The Beeramid card game is an entertaining drinking game that combines luck, strategy and bluffing. It’s very easy to understand, so you can start playing right away!

In Beeramid, cards are placed on the table in the shape of a pyramid, hence the name. At each turn, the dealer reveals one card of the pyramid. If a card in your hand matches the value of that card, you can hand out sips. However, what makes this game more fun is that you can also bluff.

Here, we will explain how this all works by taking you through the complete gameplay and Beeramid rules.

Your Game Information

Players: 2-8 per deck

Equipment: deck of playing cards

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Area: indoor

Tabletop: yes

Drinking: yes

How to Play Beeramid

To play this game, you’ll only need a standard deck of 52 cards (no jokers) and a flat area for the pyramid.

Before starting, you should determine who will deal the cards. The dealer can play as well. As soon as you have everything and everyone ready, you continue with the setup as described below.

Setting up

  1. The dealer place cards face-down on the table, forming a pyramid. The lowest row consists of 7 cards. Each higher row consists of one card less than the previous row. This results in a 28-card pyramid. The image below shows what this should look like.
  2. Equally distribute the remaining 24 cards to all players.

Tip: We advise at least three cards per player, so with the standard 28-card pyramid you can play with up to 8 players. If there are more than eight players, you can use a second deck of cards. In this case, you can increase the size of the pyramid.

a pyramid made of 28 cards, also called a 'beeramid'. The lowest row contains 7 cards, the row above that 6, etcetera.


After you have laid down the pyramid and distributed the rest of the cards, you’re all set. Here’s how to play Beeramid:

  • The dealer starts with revealing the first card of the lowest row.
  • If anyone has a card that matches the value of the revealed card, they can lay it face-down on the table and choose another player to take a sip. However, players can bluff this.
  • The chosen player then either believes it and takes that sip, or they call ‘bluff’.
  • The card is then revealed and place on top of the pyramid card, resulting in two possible outcomes:
    1. It’s a bluff: in this case, the bluffing player must drink double the amount of sips that they tried to hand out.
    2. No bluff: in this case, the chosen player must drink double the amount of sips that they originally had to take.
  • This repeats until all cards are revealed. Cards must be revealed from left to right, row by row.

Beeramid Rules

  • The number of sips to hand out depends on the row number. Cards in the lowest (first) row count for one sip each, cards in the second row for two per card, etcetera.
  • You can play multiple cards at the same time. These sips can be split to multiple players, or given to a single player.
    • If it’s a single player and they call ‘bluff’, all cards must be checked.
    • If it’s multiple players, check one card per ‘bluff’ called.
  • If someone loses a ‘bluff’ for the last card, they chug a full beer.

Game Variations

Aside from the standard 28-card pyramid with increasing sips per row, you can also tweak the rules and make some fun variations. Here are our best Beeramid variations:

Reverse Beeramid

This is the more extreme version of traditional Beeramid. Instead of starting with the lowest row, you start with the top card. This card now counts as one sip, the row below that for 2, etcetera. The last row with the most cards counts for the highest number of sips per card played.

Reverse Beeramid is definitely not for the faint-hearted as it is a lot more intense.

Wrap Up

Beeramid is much like the second phase of the well-known drinking game Ride the Bus, but then with the option of bluffing. It’s perfect to get the party started.

Alternatively, you can just play it with a couple of friends on a calm Saturday; just make sure that the number of cards of your Beeramid are suitable for the number of players. You can always play with less than 28 cards in case you’re just with a few people.

Did you like this game or was it maybe not intense enough? In that case, you should try one of the Power Hour variations. This game is all about endurance where players take beer shots every minute.

Drinking games with Cups are good alternatives if you’re looking for competitive action-based drinking games.

Remember to always drink responsibly and know your limits. Make sure that everyone’s doing all right including yourself, and never push others into drinking if they don’t want to. Games are all about having fun social interactions where beer is not a necessity.

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