Drunk UNO: Rules & How to Play

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UNO is one of those games that most of us know from back in the days. This game is a golden classic, good for any setting. And it’s getting even better: there’s also a drinking game version! Here, you’ll learn the Drunk UNO rules for both the shots and the beer editions.

For those who don’t know UNO yet: with this game, you try to match cards from your hand with the card discard pile card on the table. Your main goal: be the first one to get rid of all your cards. Simple but effective!

There are several action cards that go with special abilities, and in Drunk UNO these come with additional drinking challenges.

If you and your friends love to play games like King’s Dice, you’re at the right place!

Want to know how to play Drunk UNO? Read the rules below.

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Your Game Information

Players: 2-10 per deck

Equipment: deck of UNO cards, drinks

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Area: indoor

Tabletop: yes

Drinking: both

Drunk UNO rules

1. Shots Edition

In the shots edition of the UNO drinking game, you take or hand out shots whenever special cards are played. Here’s the rules:

  • +2 card (draw two): You take one shot.
  • +4 card (draw four): You take two shots.
  • Skip card: The skipped player takes one shot.
  • Reverse card: The reversed player takes two shots.
  • False UNO: Take three shots.
  • Winner rule: the winner chooses another player to take three shots.
Overview of the Drunk uno rules for the shots edition

2. Beer Edition

This one is a bit less intense compared to the shot edition, but very fun nonetheless! For this game, it’s best to have some cans of beer for shotguns.

  • +2 card (draw two): You chug half your drink.
  • +4 card (draw four): You chug your entire drink.
  • Skip card: The player after the skipped player chugs half their drink.
  • Reverse card: The reversed player chugs their drink.
  • False UNO: You take a shotgun.
  • Winner rule: the winner chooses another player to do a shotgun.
Overview of the Drunk uno rules for the beer edition

How to Play Standard UNO?

To be able to play Drunk UNO, you should also know how to play the standard game. Therefore, we will also take you through the standard rules so that you don’t have to switch between the physical and online rules.


  • Grab a drink for everyone.
  • The dealer shuffles all cards and deals 7 cards to each player.
  • Place the rest of the deck (draw pile) in the center of the table.
  • Draw the top card of the deck and place it face up, next to the draw pile.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start the game.


The player to the dealer’s left will start the game.

  • The first player has two options:
    1. Play a card that matches the number, symbol, or color of the center card.
    2. If they cannot play a card, they must draw a card from the draw pile.
      • this card can be played immediately.
  • The turn then goes to the next player.
  • This continues until one player has only one card remaining. They must then say ‘UNO!’, to let everyone know they have one card left.
    • If this player forgets to say “Uno” and someone notices this, they receive 2 penalty cards.
  • The first person to get rid of all their cards wins the game.

There are some special cards that can be played, which we will describe below:

Special Card Rules

  • +2 card (draw two): The next player takes two cards.
  • +4 card (draw four): The next player takes four cards.
  • Skip card (stop sign): The next player skips their turn.
  • Reverse card (two arrows): The order of play is reversed.
  • Wildcard (four colours): You can choose the color of the next card play.

Extra Important Rules:

  • Wildcards are playable at any time.
  • Special cards cannot be stacked!

Wrap Up

Games like Drunk UNO always add to the atmosphere of your party or hangout with friends, as they stimulate social interaction among everyone that’s present.

However, these games can get quite intense so it’s important that you know your limits. Always drink responsibly and keep an eye out for each other. Don’t make others drink if they don’t want to.

Do you know any other fun Drunk UNO rules? Let us know in the comments!

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Have fun!

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