65 Scavenger Hunt Around the House Clues For Adults

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Scavenger Hunt can be a really fun activity to do as part of one of your gatherings with friends, family, or colleagues. It’s a great way for team bonding as teams are stimulated to work together on clues that they find. To get you started in organizing one at your own place, we have a list of Scavenger Hunt around the house clues ready for you.

In general, scavenger hunt is an activity where teams try to find specific objects or places based on clues they find. Usually, teams start with one clue that points them towards a specific object or place where they will find the next clue and so on.

The eventual goal is to reach the final destination that typically has a prize or a surprise waiting.

In case of Scavenger Hunt for adults, it’s important to have clues that are solvable, but definitely not too easy. They should make the brains of your team members work and sharing information should help in solving the riddles. We made this list of Scavenger Hunt clues with this in mind.

Scavenger Hunt Clues For Adults

Each category of Scavenger Hunt around the house clues contains riddles for objects that are usually found within that area. Clues for the next destination can be printed and hid at the place where this object is present.

Kitchen Clues

  1. Kitchen Sink:
    “A basin of silver, in an ocean of tile, I swallow rivers, yet stay dry all the while. Find where water both falls and hides, a paradox of tides inside.”
  2. Teapot or Kettle:
    “In my belly, a tempest brews; quiet yet furious, I’m a paradox that soothes.”
  3. Spice Rack:
    “In my hold, flavors sleep, a treasure trove for tastes to leap.”
  4. Stove:
    “Four crowned guardians, silent and still, they awaken to the turner’s will.”
  5. Blender:
    “A vortex within a jar, I meld what’s near and far.”
  6. Drawer of Utensils:
    “A trove of silver limbs lies in wait, to stir and carve and separate.”
  7. Cutting Board:
    “An uncomplaining, sturdy peer, I bear the brunt of the culinary seer.”
  8. Cheese Grater:
    “A carver of dairy, crafting snow from the curd, silently shredding without a word.”
  9. Salt Shaker:
    “A granular snow, white and fine, from my head, it descends to dine.”
  10. Apron:
    “A fabric shield in culinary wars, adorned in the art of sauce and spores.”

Living Room Clues

This list of Scavenger Hunt around the house clues contain objects that are generally found in living rooms.

  1. Television:
    “In a silent box of tales untold, where colors dance and stories unfold. Seek the oracle that speaks in light, showing visions in the still of night.”
  2. Television Remote Control:
    “Commander unseen, orchestrating scenes from the shadows; an enigma often within reach, yet concealed in the folds of daily repose.”
  3. Fireplace:
    “A dormant dragon lies within me, slumbering in the heart of my stone maw. Awaken me, and I breathe warmth, casting a dance of light and shadow, a primal reminder of nature’s untamed heart.”
  4. Lamp:
    “A solitary beacon, its duty concealed by day; by night, a harbinger of shadows cast away.”
  5. Fireplace Mantel:
    “Above the keeper of flame and fire, I perch, a silent, unlit pyre.”
  6. Candle:
    “In my heart, a fleeting glow, I eat myself, yet whole I grow.”
  7. Reading Nook or Armchair:
    “In my arms, stories unravel, in a quiet corner where thoughts travel.”
  8. Coffee Table:
    An uncharted island in the domestic sea, bearing silent witness to life’s fleeting gatherings and solitary musings.”
  9. Ceiling Fan:
    “Perched aloft, a silent sentinel in ceaseless motion, its dance unseen but felt, a whispering waltz of the air.”
  10. Couch Cushion:
    “Beneath the surface of casual repose, secrets and relics dwell, shrouded in the fabric of everyday guise.”

Bedroom Clues

  1. Closet:
    “In a chamber of secrets, where garments whisper, here lies a vault of masquerades. Seek the keeper of attires and facades, a silent guardian of daily charades.”
  2. Bed:
    “In the realm of Morpheus, I reign supreme, a canvas for the unconscious. Seek the vessel of nightly drift, where the weary find their gift.”
  3. Pillow:
    “Amidst nocturnal echoes, a silent sentinel, I cradle whispers of the dream realm.”
  4. Alarm Clock:
    “In the quietus of night, I’m the harbinger of dawn’s first light, yet unheeded in the day’s bright flight.”
  5. Jewelry Box:
    An enigmatic keeper of adornments, veiling treasures in its compact realm.”
  6. Book (on a nightstand):
    “Bound in silence, a vessel of myriad realms, it sits, a silent companion in the night’s embrace.”
  7. Bathrobe:
    “A woven embrace, standing sentinel by the bedside, it offers a comforting shield in the twilight hours.”
  8. Nightstand Drawer:
    “A keeper of nocturnal miscellanea, veiling secrets in its shadowed berth beneath the moon’s gaze.”
  9. Slippers
    “Twin sentinels, silent and soft, they wait under the moon’s loft. Guardians of the twilight walk, in their embrace, no echoes talk.
  10. Diary or Journal
    “A nocturnal vessel for ephemeral voyages, harboring dreams in its silent chambers. Seek where secrets are tucked away, beneath the watch of the moon’s sway.”

Bathroom Clues

  1. Mirror:
    “A silent twin, in glass encased, copying all but cannot be traced. Seek the mimic of your guise, reflecting truths and all your lies.”
  2. Bathtub:
    “A cradle, where waters still, and in my embrace, the world grows chill.”
  3. Toilet Paper:
    “A silent sentinel in rolls arrayed, I stand guard in moments most private.”
  4. Shower Head:
    “From my many mouths, the indoor rain sings, a symphony in drops and rings.”
  5. Bath Mat:
    “Lying at the threshold of cleansing’s door, I embrace the drips of every pore.”
  6. Toothbrush:
    “A bristled soldier in the battle of hygiene, in my daily dance, I keep the pearls clean.”
  7. Medicine Cabinet:
    “Keeper of remedies, both balm and bandage, behind my mirror, I conceal the magic.”
  8. Bath Towel:
    “In my fabric embrace, the remnants of water I chase, a comforting wrap after cleansing’s grace.”
  9. Soap Dish:
    “A shallow basin for the cleansing cake, in my ceramic hold, no bubbles I make.”
  10. Hair Dryer:
    “An electric tempest in my belly resides, blowing out storms till dampness subsides.”
  11. Toilet Brush:
    “A discreet knight in porcelain’s quest, battling remnants of a nature’s behest.”
  12. Trash Bin:
    “A silent collector of the discarded and used, in my open maw, refuse is housed.”

Garden Clues

  1. Garden Hose:
    “A dormant serpent, entwined in silent repose, it awakens to weave a liquid tapestry across the earthen canvas.”
  2. Bird Feeder:
    “A haven for avian sojourners, where whispered tales of flight converge over bounties unseen.”
  3. Garden Bench:
    “A silent sentinel, weathered and wise, bearing the weight of stories untold beneath the open sky’s watchful eyes.”
  4. Flower Pot:
    “An earthen chalice cradling life’s tender whisper, a sanctum where nature’s delicate ballet unfolds.”
  5. Watering Can:
    “Bearer of life’s essence, in its metallic belly, a meandering river awaits release to quench the thirst of roots unseen.”
  6. Garden Gnome:
    “A stoic watcher, cloaked in whimsy, standing guard over realms untamed, his painted gaze fixed upon nature’s wild dance.”
  7. Compost Bin:
    “In this alchemist’s cauldron, remnants are reborn, a cycle of life and decay endlessly churns.”
  8. Garden Gloves:
    “Woven guardians of the gardener’s grasp, they dance with thorns and earth, a ballet of toil and nurture.”
  9. Lawnmower:
    “A mechanical beast grazing on green seas, its path leaves a wake of orderly serenity.”
  10. Garden Shed:
    “A trove of the earth-tender’s arsenal, here lies the keeper of implements both sharp and benign.”
  11. Wind Chime:
    “An ethereal minstrel of the zephyr’s breath, it sings a song of resonance, a melody borne on the wind’s whim.”
  12. Sun Dial:
    “A timeless oracle, basking in Apollo’s gaze, it traces the celestial dance in shadows and light.”
  13. Rake:
    “A silent harvester of the fallen, its tines dance through the remnants of seasons past, a curator of the earth’s tapestry.”

General House Clues

  1. Bottle of Wine:
    “In my slender form, a vine’s soul rests, aging quietly in oaken nests.”
  2. Picture Frame:
    “A sentinel of moments, encapsulating echoes frozen in time’s embrace, a quiet guardian of the still life dance.”
  3. Plant:
    “A solitary, verdant exile amidst the stillness, whispering tales of the wild in the hush of the indoor grove.”
  4. Door Knocker:
    “Metal tongue in a silent plea, I speak in knocks, yet voiceless be.”
  5. Painting or Artwork:
    “A silent sentinel of frozen hue, I hold a world both false and true.”
  6. Set of Keys:
    “Jingle of progress, jangle of doors, in my teeth, the secret to unopened moors.”
  7. Window:
    “A transparent shield from worlds apart, I stand as a silent art. Look where views are framed but not held, a barrier through which light is spelled.”
  8. Computer:
    “Portal to the ethereal net, keeper of the digital vignette. Find where electrons dance and play, in a box where night meets day.”
  9. Pantry:
    “A chamber of sustenance, veiled and vast, where flavors of the world amass.”
  10. Smartphone or Tablet:
    “A portal to worlds in your hand, with a tap, you command.”

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