Icebreaker Bingo Cards & How to Play (free printables)

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Got a meeting or party coming up where people might feel awkward because they don’t know each other? Try Icebreaker Bingo! It’s a fun game like regular bingo, but it’s all about talking, laughing, and getting to know everyone.

It’s easy: instead of numbers, each bingo square has a fun fact or a hobby on it. You’ll discover things like who loves spicy food, who has gone skydiving, or who can play the guitar.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up and play Icebreaker Bingo. It’s great for any event, whether it’s big or small, and works both in person and online.

How to Play Icebreaker Bingo

To start, you need bingo cards. You can make them yourself using our free Icreabreaker Bingo Card template, or download one of our ready-made cards.

Alternatively, you can make them yourself. Each card should have a grid of squares, typically 5×5. In each square, write something interesting, like a hobby, a fact, or a unique experience, for example, “owns two cats” or “speaks three languages.”

Players will also need something to mark their cards with, like pens, pencils, stickers, or even fun stamps.

(Optional) To add excitement, consider having small prizes, like quirky mugs, funny socks, or a coffee shop gift card.

Setting Up

  • As your guests arrive, hand out a bingo card to each person. If it’s a large gathering, you might want to have a table near the entrance where people can pick up their cards.
  • Gather everyone for a quick explanation of the game. Here’s the gist:
    1. Your goal is to find people in the room who match the descriptions in the squares.
    2. When you find someone, ask them to sign their name in the corresponding square.
    3. The first person to fill a whole row, column, or diagonal shouts “Bingo!” and wins.

Remind players that the aim is to have fun and get to know each other, not just to win.


Encourage your guests to mix and chat using the prompts on their bingo squares. For instance, if a square says “Has been skydiving,” they need to find someone who’s done it and get their signature in that square.

The game is more than just marking off squares. It’s a great way for people to share stories and have a good laugh, without struggling to find things to talk about.

The first person to get five squares in a line – across, down, or diagonally – wins. They should yell “Bingo!” really loud. You can keep playing to find second and third place, or even do several rounds.

Icebreaker Bingo is all about having fun, laughing, and getting to know others. Watch your event turn into a lively place full of stories and new friends!

Icebreaker Bingo Tips & Tricks

How to Boost Interaction

If some guests are shy or unsure how to start chatting, you can help by introducing them to others or suggesting they search for a specific square together.

Think about pairing up people who don’t know each other for the first round. This can help break the ice and get everyone involved.

Encourage guests to not only sign the square but to also share a little story or fact about it. This creates more meaningful interactions.

How to manage time

Keep the game exciting by setting a time limit, like 20-30 minutes. This maintains high energy and ensures the game doesn’t take over other activities you’ve planned.

Give a 5-minute warning before the game ends to increase the excitement and help fill in those last squares.

Fun Variation Ideas

Depending on the group setting, you can decide to make the game more customized so that it perfectly fits the specific group of people that will be playing:

  • For a holiday party, include squares like “Asks the same presents every year” or “Eats too many chocolates before Christmas dinner”.
  • For a corporate event, use work-related squares like “Has worked at the company for over 10 years” or “Knows how to use three different programming languages.”
  • For a high school reunion, include squares like “Was in the school band” or “Attended the 1999 talent show.”
  • For a family gathering, use squares that are specific to your family history or inside jokes.

Virtual Icebreaker Bingo

In virtual settings, use digital bingo cards that can be filled out online.

Encourage participants to share their stories or facts in the video call after finding a match. This ensures everyone feels included and engaged, even when they’re not in the same physical space.

Wrap Up

Icebreaker Bingo is more than just a game; it’s a fun way to help people connect and share. It’s perfect for corporate team-building, family reunions, or just hanging out with friends. This game is a great way to break the ice and build a sense of community.

Remember, the real win with Icebreaker Bingo is getting conversations and laughter going. It’s not only about marking squares – it’s about the stories shared, the things in common people discover, and the memories they make. It’s a simple but effective way to warm things up and bring people closer.

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