Connect the Fact: Guessing Game for Adults

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Looking for a fun game to liven up your party? Connect the Fact is your perfect pick. This guessing game for adults turns interesting personal facts into a guessing challenge, making it great for breaking the ice and sparking laughter.

In Connect the Fact, everyone shares a secret or funny fact about themselves. Then, the group tries to match these facts to the right person. It’s a playful way to learn surprising and quirky things about friends or colleagues. Ideal for parties, team events, or any social gathering, ‘Guess Who’ promises loads of fun and plenty of giggles.

This guide will show you how to set up and play Connect the Fact. We’ll cover the basics, the gameplay, and even some cool variations to keep the game fresh. Get ready for a game of mystery, laughter, and delightful discoveries!

Your Game Information




20-30 party cups, 2+ ping pong balls


5-10 minutes







How to Play Connect the Fact

Before starting, each participant needs a piece of paper to write their facts. You’ll also need a bowl to collect all the papers.

It’s also useful to have one person note down the scores for all players, so that it’s easy to determine the eventual winner.

Setting Up

  • Ask each guest to write three interesting or funny facts about themselves on a piece of paper. It could be hidden talents, past adventures, or weird characteristics.
  • Fold each paper and place it in the bowl. Shuffle them to mix well.
    • Tell everyone to fold their paper exactly twice. In this way, all papers look the same.
  • Arrange seats in a circle so everyone can see each other and engage in the guessing.

With these simple steps, you’re all set for a round of ‘Guess Who’. Next, we’ll dive into how to play the game and score points.

Game Rules

The goal of this guessing game for adults is to correctly guess which fact belongs to which person. Each correct guess is worth one point, and the player with the highest number of total points wins the game. Here’s how it’s played:

  1. Players take turns in picking a fact from the bowl and reading it out loud.
  2. All players then point their finger in the air
  3. At the count of three, players point at the player who they think the fact belongs to.
  4. Count all fingers per player, and make sure that it’s clear who pointed at who.
  5. The player who wrote the fact then reveals their selves.
  6. The players that guessed it correctly receive one point.

You cannot score point with your own facts. However, you must point at someone when it’s your fact, so that others don’t know who’s fact it is until the moment of reveal.

Examples of Connect the Fact

To give you a better idea of how this guessing game for adults works, here are some examples of facts and how a typical round might play out.

Sample Facts

  1. “I secretly enjoy listening to oprah.”
  2. “Sometimes I still wet my bed.”
  3. “I am afraid of the dark.”
  4. “I have a collection of over 100 comic books.”
  5. “I like to dip pizza in chocolate sauce.”
  6. “I shower only once a week.”
  7. “I cannot stand another person’s eating sounds.”
  8. “I am still sleeping with a stuffed animal from when I was a kid.”
  9. “I’m a grown adult, but I still cannot swim”.
  10. “When all by myself, I talk to myself a lot.”
  11. “I’m incredibly superstitious but never talk about it”.
  12. “I really believe that I can sing very well”.
  13. “I’ve kept every birthday card I’ve ever received since I was a child.”
  14. “I love to read cheesy romantic novels.”
  15. “I have a weird phobia of cheese; I can’t stand its texture.”
  16. “I’m allergic to strawberries.”
  17. “I keep a diary since I was a teenager.”
  18. “I once got my head stuck in a chair armrest in a public place.”
  19. “I danced so vigorously at a party that I ripped my pants.”
  20. “I talk to my houseplants, and I’m convinced they grow better because of it.”

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