How to Play Beer Ball: Rules and Gameplay

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Active drinking games where you play in teams are very popular for parties. Most of you have played Beer Pong at least once in your lives. However, there are less well-known games that are equally fun. In this guide, we will introduce you to a new party game by teaching you how to play beer ball.

Beer ball is similar to Beer Pong in that it involves aiming and throwing ping pong balls to eliminate the other team. However, the rules and gameplay of this game are completely different. By adding this beer ball drinking game to your collection, you can add some variation to your gatherings and create memorable moments!

What do you need?

  • Teams of at least 2 players per team
  • At least two ping pong balls
  • One can or bottle of beer for each player
  • a beer pong table or rectangular table
    • a length of at least 78 inches (2 meters) is recommended

The Setup

setup of the game beer ball

The setup of beer ball is very simple and requires very little effort. It should be as follows:

  1. All players get a full beer bottle or can.
  2. Both teams position themselves opposite to each other on the long ends of the table.
  3. Each player puts a beer in front of them on the edge of the table.
  4. Determine the team that will start the game
    • Rock, papers, and scissors is a fair way of doing so.

An easier setup than this one would be no setup. Got it all ready to go? Continue reading the gameplay in the next section.

How to Play Beer Ball?

The goal of this game is to hit the other team’s beers with a ping pong ball, and by doing so you are allowed to start drinking until a stop sign. Each player of the team at shoot gets one throw per turn. Here’s how to play beer ball exactly:

  • The players at shoot take turns in hitting one of the beer cans or bottles on the other side of the table.
  • If you hit it, you quickly grab your beer and start drinking it as fast as possible.
  • In the meantime, the other team should grab the ball and tap it on the table.
  • As soon as the first tap hits, you stop drinking.
  • After all players at turn have thrown the ball, the turn goes to the other team.
  • The first team that finishes their beers wins the game!

This game is most fun as a teamplay effort, but you can also play it in a 1-vs-1 battle! A team size of more than three players is also possible, as long as the bottles or cans fit in a straight line parallel to the short edge of the table.

There are some rules that the players should keep in mind, as we will describe next.

Beer Ball Rules

Here are the basic beer ball rules to keep in mind:

  • Equal Teams: Teams should have equal numbers of players.
  • Elbow Rule: When throwing, your elbow cannot go over the edge of the table.
  • NO-Stop Rule: As soon as the other team taps the ball on the table you MUST stop drinking. If you don’t stop, the other team gets an extra throw.

Final words on Beer Ball…

Beer Ball is one of those games that most have never played, but everyone will love!

You can always add your own rules to make the game even more interesting and entertaining.

Besides, you can perfectly combine Beer Ball with other active drinking games and make a beer games championship! Make a selection of games such as Beer Pong, Beer Dice and Beer Ball and become the most skillful team of the party.

Remember to always drink responsibly, and to keep an eye out for each other while doing so. Don’t let others and yourself drink when signs of drinking too much are starting to show. This will not only save you at that moment, but also on the next day. The most important thing is to have fun, not to drink!

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