Pizza Box Drinking Game: Rules Ideas & How to Play

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The Pizza Box Drinking Game is a simple yet fun way to enjoy drinks with your friends. It’s more about having good times and fun conversations rather than competition.

In this game, players take turns in flipping a coin onto an empty pizza box. The area where the coin lands is then marked and within this area a challenge is written. If another player lands their coin in the same area, they must do that challenge!

It’s an entertaining game that’s totally up for everyone’s creativity. Fill in crazy drinking challenges, or weird dares – all up to you!

You just need a pizza box, a coin, a marker, and some drinks. Set it up in your living room or any spot that fits the moment.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the full Pizza Box drinking game rules and gameplay.

Your Game Information




20-30 party cups, 2+ ping pong balls


5-10 minutes







How to Play the Pizza Box Game

Good thing about the Pizza Box Drinking Game is that it requires minimal equipment and is very easy to setup.

Also, it doesn’t have to be a drinking game. It’s also very fun as a non-drinking game!

Setting Up

Here’s how to get your pizza box game ready:

  1. Find the Right Spot: Place the pizza box on the floor or a table. Make sure there’s enough room for everyone to sit around it.
  2. Prep Your Materials: Have your quarter, marker, and drinks within easy reach of all players.
  3. Initial Positioning: Everyone should sit in a circle around the box, with their drinks handy.

That’s it! Your setup is complete. Next, we’ll dive into the game rules. Stay tuned to learn how the fun unfolds!

Pizza Box Game Rules

Playing the pizza box game is easy. The rules are simple:

  1. Start the Game: The first player grabs the coin. They flip it onto the pizza box. If it misses, they keep flipping until it lands on the box.
  2. Mark Your Spot: Wherever the coin lands, the player draws a shape around it using the marker. Inside this shape, they write a task, challenge, or dare.
  3. Taking Turns: The next player, sitting to the left, goes. They also flip the coin onto the box.
    • If the coin lands on an unclaimed spot, they draw a new shape and write a task.
    • If the coin lands on a shape with a task, they must perform that task.
  4. Keep It Going: The game continues around the circle. New shapes and tasks are added, and tasks are performed when landed on.
  5. Game End: There’s no set end to the game. It usually winds down when the box is full of tasks or players decide to stop.

Tips & Tricks

To ensure everyone has a great time, here are some handy tips:

  • Size Matters: When drawing shapes, keep them reasonably sized. This gives everyone a fair chance to add their own tasks.
  • Balance Your Challenges: Mix up the tasks – some easy, some challenging, some drinking, some physical activities. Remember, the goal is fun, not discomfort.
  • Think before your turn: To keep the gameplay smooth, we advise you to think of the next challenge you’ll write on the box before it’s your turn. It’s boring when others have to wait too long for someone to think of a rule.

However, coming up with fun rules can be a challenge, even when you have ample time to think of one. Therefore, we’ll get you started with some Pizza Box rules ideas below.

Fun Pizza Box Drinking Game Rules Ideas

Drinking Rules

  1. Finish Your Drink: A classic challenge, but very effective.
  2. Belly Shot: Take a shot off someone’s belly (with consent!).
  3. Beer Shotgun: A classic at parties.
  4. Roll the Dice: Each number on a dice corresponds to a specific drink or number of sips. Roll and drink accordingly.
  5. Take X Sips
  6. Give X Sips
  7. Mystery Shot: Prepare shots of various harmless but strange-tasting liquids (e.g., pickle juice, hot sauce). Players choose blindly and take the shot.
  8. Opera Drink: Every time you drink, you must sing an opera note. The worse the singing, the better.
  9. Reverse Drinking: Drink using your non-dominant hand. If caught using your dominant hand, take an extra drink.
  10. Truth or Drink: Like truth or dare, but if you refuse to answer a truth question, you take a drink.
  11. Accents Only: Choose an accent. Everyone must talk in that accent for the next round. Failure to comply results in a drink.


  1. Give a Speech: About anything, from a funny story to a random topic.
  2. Money on the Box: Place a dollar on the box. Whoever lands on it, gets it!
  3. Switch Shirts: With someone else at the party.
  4. Arm Wrestle: Challenge someone to an arm-wrestling match.
  5. Alphabet Shot: Players must name words from a category starting with each letter of the alphabet. Failure results in a shot.
  6. Rhyme Time: Someone says a word, and the next person must say a word that rhymes. Continue until someone fails, and they drink.
  7. One-Word Story: Create a story one word at a time. Hesitation or nonsense words lead to a drink.
  8. Shadow: Choose a ‘shadow’ for a round. They must mimic everything you do. If they fail, they drink.
  9. Group Vote: Everyone votes on a person to do a written challenge on the board determined by group vote.
  10. Eating Relay: Players race to finish eating an item. The losing team drinks.
  11. Cookie Face: Place a cookie on your forehead. Move it to your mouth without using hands. Drop it, and you drink.
  12. T-Rex Arms: Drink and perform all tasks with your elbows in your shirt, like a T-Rex.
  13. Sock Hand: Wear someone else’s sock over one hand for the whole round. Drink every time you use your ‘sock hand’ incorrectly.
  14. Out of Context: Send a random, out-of-context text to someone. Show the group. If you get a confused reply, everyone else drinks.
  15. Mystery Call: Call a friend and speak in gibberish or a made-up language. Hang up without explanation. Laugh, and you drink.
  16. Evil Laughing on Command: Everyone must laugh as evil as possible on command. The least convincing laugh leads to a drink.

Feel free to modify these ideas to suit your group’s preferences.

Other Fun Drinking Games

Each game of the Pizza Box drinking game has a unique set of rules, which makes it a very fun and versatile party game to play with your friends. It never gets boring!

Remember, the primary goal of the pizza box drinking game is to have fun and create memorable experiences in a safe and respectful setting.

Make sure to drink with moderation at all times. Never pressure someone else to drink if they don’t want to. Make sure that everyone’s doing good. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself!

Do you like the Pizza Box game? Let us know! Also check out one of these other fun drinking games where you will have a blast as well!

Pizza Box Game – F.A.Q.

Let’s address some frequently asked questions to help you better understand the pizza box drinking game:

With how many players can you play the Pizza Box game?

Ideally, the game works well with 3 to 12 players. The sweet spot is around 6-8 players to keep the game flowing without long waits. However, you can play it with more players if you don’t mind longer waits.

How long does the Pizza Box game last?

There’s no set time limit. A typical game lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, but it really depends on the group’s engagement and the pace of play. The game ends when the pizza box is full or when the players decide to stop.

Is the Pizza Box Game Suitable for All Ages?

The pizza box game is primarily a drinking game, so it’s meant for adults. However, you can modify it into a fun activity for all ages by replacing alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic beverages and appropriate tasks.

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