Find the Queen Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

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Do you think you can take a shot without anyone noticing? The Find the Queen game is your perfect opportunity to prove this!

In a way, it’s comparable to games like the Werewolves Game, where villagers try to guess who has the secret role of Werewolf.

In Find the Queen, the person who draws the Queen card must silently drink a shot, after which another person guesses who’s the Queen. It’s a fun game that puts your poker face to the test.

Sounds fun right? Read the rules below to start playing right away!

Your Game Information

Number of Players: 3+

Equipment: deck of playing cards

Duration: 5 minutes

Area: indoor

Tabletop: yes

Drinking: yes

The Setup

The preparations for Find the Queen are as follows:

  • Take one shot glass and place it in the middle of the table. 
  • Fill the glass with a drink of your choice.
  • Make a small deck of as many cards as there are players. This deck should contain:
    • One Queen, one jack, and random other cards.

That’s all. Now you’re ready to start playing.

find the queen drinking game rules overview

How to Play Find the Queen?

Players take turns in dealing the cards. The dealer is the person who will deal the cards, and guide the gameplay.  

Here’s how it’s played:

  • The dealer hands out one card to each player.
  • The players privately check what card they have.
  • Everyone closes their eyes, after which the dealer starts to count from one to ten.
  • The player who has the Queen must then silently drink the shot within these ten seconds.
    • The dealer double checks if no one is looking.
  • After the countdown, everyone opens their eyes.
  • The player who drew the Jack reveals themselves.
  • This player then makes one single guess of who drew the queen. This can lead to two options:
    • If the Jack correctly guesses the Queen, the Queen must drink five sips.
    • If the Jack is wrong, the Jack must drink the five sips.

After this, the dealer role goes to the next player who shuffles the deck and deals cards for the new round.

Find the Queen Rules

To keep the game fair and entertaining for all players, there are some rules that you should stick to:

  • If one player has the role of Queen at least three times within five rounds, they are allowed to reveal this if it happens again within the next three rounds. The cards must then be redealt.
    • This prevents that the player drinks too much within a short period of time, while others don’t.
  • The penalty drink must be determined before starting the game, and all players should agree with it.
  • If the dealer spots a player sneak peeking, that player must drink five penalty sips.
  • Other players cannot make any sounds or noises during the ten seconds. If they do, they can influence the game for both the Queen as well as the Jack. This also results in five penalty sips.

Wrap Up

Do you find it hard to swallow drinks without making any noises? If so, then this game might not be your best option.

Aside from showing your best poker face, it’s also very important to not make any sounds. This can be quite difficult, especially when you are queen for the seventh time.

However, you will see that the guessing is not as easy as you would think. Without any sight, it can be quite difficult to exactly locate a sound.

Anyways, this game is definitely worth a shot!

If you’re looking for another drinking game with cards that’s fun to play with larger groups, you should check out Beeramid. This game is a fun combination of luck and strategy, where your bluffing skills can make a big difference.

Remember to always drink with moderation. Make sure at all times that everyone’s doing okay, and discourage others from drinking whenever necessary. Don’t push others into drinking, and don’t let others do this to you.

Have fun!

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