Sevens Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play

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Are you a master of counting and multiplication? The Sevens Drinking Game may be right up your alley! This drinking game without cards can be played spontaneously and requires no planning in advance.

Originally, the Sevens Drinking Game is one of the minigames in King’s Cup. Here, we tweaked the rules so that it’s a fun drinking game on its own.

It’s very simple: as a group, you count from 1 to 100 while skipping numbers that contain or involve 7’s. While counting, you can both hand out and receive sips based on how well you play.

Want to know exactly how to play the Sevens Drinking Game? Here, we will take you through the complete set of rules and gameplay.

Your Game Information

Players: 3+

Equipment: nothing

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Area: indoor

Tabletop: no

Drinking: yes

How to Play the Sevens Drinking Game

One big advantage of this game is that you don’t need any equipment. You’ll only need a couple of players and drinks for everyone. This makes it very easy to play anywhere anytime.

Here’s how to play the Sevens Drinking Game:

Players take turns in collectively counting from 1 to 100, and while doing so, you cannot name a range of numbers:

  • All numbers that contain 7. For example: 7, 17, 27, 37 etcetera.
  • All numbers that are divisible by seven, such as: 14, 21, 28, 35 etcetera.

Instead of saying these numbers, you call out someone else’s name. This person must then take a sip.

If a person does say a number that they were not supposed to, they must also drink. After that the next player continues.

The combination of counting and handing out sips requires players to stay sharp, which increases the chances of failure. Therefore, we would only advise to play this game when everyone’s thirsty.

Hard Edition

Then there’s a more difficult version of this game where you play with the following rule in addition to those mentioned above:

  • You can’t say the numbers that together add up to seven.
    • For example: you can’t say 16, because 6 + 1 = 7. Other examples are: 25, 43, 52, 34, 61 etcetera.

To make it even more intense, you can do the following: all players think of a nickname for the player to their left. While playing and handing out sips, you have to call a player by their nickname. If you fail you must drink.

Wrap Up

If you’re good at counting and multiplying numbers you shouldn’t have a hard time playing this game. However, as the round progresses and sips are taken, it might even get difficult for the math masters. Therefore, it’s not very wise to play this game for many rounds.

You can always switch to a less intense drinking game if that’s what suits the setting best. One fun alternative is the game Slapjack, where you aim to be the first player slapping a jack card whenever it pops up.

Remember to always drink with moderation. Don’t push others into drinking if they don’t feel like it, and don’t let others do this to yourself. Keep an eye out for each other and make sure that everyone’s having a good time. After all, that’s the most important thing of playing games.

Alternatively, you can choose to do a fun non-drinking party game like the Fishbowl Game, where you try to score points by describing and acting out words to your teammates. Games like this are perfect for gatherings with larger groups!

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