13 Best Music Party Games for Adults

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Music has always played a vital role in setting the mood and creating a fun atmosphere at parties and social gatherings. This is probably one of the reasons why music party games are liked by so many.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash, a housewarming party, or just a casual get-together, here are 13 music party games that are sure to keep you and your guests entertained.

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1. Name That Toon

Number of Players: 2+

Name that Toon is a very unique and fun game that’s easy to learn. What makes this game unique is the use of cartoon cards.

Each card showcases a cartoon representing a well-known song, complete with details about the decade and genre.

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Can you guess the song and artist that’s portrayed? Earn points for correctly naming the tune, and gain extra points for also guessing the artist!

The game covers over 400 hit songs from various genres, including R&B, Country, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop. It’s a great addition to any gathering, suitable for both adults and teens!

2. Hitster

Number of players: 2+

Hitster is our all-time favorite that guarantees hours of fun. We’ve played this game with many different groups of people, and everyone always loves it.

It goes as follows: everyone starts with a card displaying a year ranging from 1915 to 2022. This is the start of your team’s timeline. These cards, displaying a year, number, artist on one side, and a QR code on the other side, are the center of the game.

At your turn, the other team scans the QR code of a card so that it starts playing. Your goal is to correctly place it in your timeline. If you know the artist and song as well, you gain coins that you can use to request new numbers or steal opportunities from other teams.

As the game progresses and cards are added to your timeline, the game becomes more difficult. The first team to have a timeline of 10 cards wins the game!

Not once did someone suggest playing another game after one round was finished. It’s a game that you will love and want to play again and again!

3. Game that Song

Number of Players: 2+

Game that Song is, in our opinion, best described as a musical version of Cards Against Humanity, and here’s why: Like in CAH, there’s a role of judge that switches between players each turn.

The judge grabs a card with a specific description written on it, such as ‘A Song that talks about time.’ All players then try to come up with a song that they think matches the description best.

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After that, the judge chooses their favorite song, and the player who submitted it scores points. The first person to win 5 rounds wins the game.

It’s a very fun game that allows for creativity, thereby guaranteeing that every game round is unique!

After playing this game many times, you might get too familiar with the cards. But no worries! There are already several expansion packs that add a range of new cards, such as the 90s Mix Expansion.

4. SongFest!

Number of Players: 2-12

SongFest! takes you on a musical journey through four entertaining challenge categories spanning five decades of music. Challenge categories include ‘Finish the Lyric’, ‘Songs they Sang’, ‘Name that Song’, and ‘Fan Club’. By scanning QR codes, players receive Spotify hints for challenge questions.

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Songfest comes with 700 challenge questions, along with a decades die and categories. In other words, you’ll be able to play it many times before it gets old.

It’s an excellent way to add some extra entertainment to your party or game night and create fun and long lasting memories.

You can always customize your gameplay by adjusting the game to your preferences, such as choosing specific decades for a more personalized experience. It’s a new and really fun game that is definitely worth the coin!

5. Lyric Legend

Number of Players: 2-6

Discover who’s the ultimate 90’s R&B lyrics expert with Lyric Legend! Created by the same team behind Game That Song, this game promises a trip down memory lane.

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This game is a fun Trivia-like game where you compete against other players in answering questions about lyrics. All songs are represented in their Lyric Legend playlist, so that you can groove along while playing!

There’s two different editions available, each with 144 different songs and questions. Whether you choose the 90’s Hip-Hop or the 90’s R&B bundle, you will have a blast!

6. Melody Infidelody

Number of players: 4-10

Melody Infidelody is an enjoyable fill-in-the-blank music party game, very similar to Cards Against Humanity but with music. It’s perfect for creating a good atmosphere.

As in CAH, players take turns being the judge of the round. They draw a lyrics card, which is a fill-in-the-blank piece of a song. Other players then choose their funniest answer from one of the cards in their hand. The funniest choice scores points!

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Melody Infidelody features 500 topic cards and 100 song cards. It’s designed for everyone, as this music party game features iconic songs from the last five decades. It serves as the ideal ice-breaker for game nights, family dinners, or parties.

7. Cruel Tunes

Number of players: 3-12

Cruel Tunes is the ultimate adult party game that blends listening to music and roasting your friends! It’s a very unique concept that’s liked by many.

While playing, you have seven cards in your hand, each describing a ridiculous reason for listening to a song, such as “I’m listening to ____ because I got laid for the first time in 6 and a half years.”

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Players submit one of their cards that they think is the funniest match with the song, after which that round’s judge chooses the winner.

There are more than 20 playlists to choose from, or you can choose to make your own! This offers infinite combinations for hours of amusement.

What’s in the box? You get 420 cards, each paired with unlimited playlists, offering infinite combinations for hours of amusement.

8. Guess that Tune

Number of players: 2+

Guess that Tune is an engaging music party game designed for adults and group parties.

In this game, you battle against your opponents in identifying tunes from short segments of provided lyrics.

Whether you just want to play a fun music party game or need a good activity for a themed party, this game is a fantastic addition to your night’s lineup!

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There are five different decades available: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. This makes it an ideal music party games for every setting! Alternatively, you can go for multiple editions and enjoy a mixture of the different decades’ hits.

9. Lyrically Correct

Number of players: 2+

Lyrically Correct is a series of head-to-head trivia games that challenges your memory of favorite song lyrics. You and your teammates compete with others in answering trivia-like questions about song lyrics.

The game includes 150 cards (140 Playing Cards + 10 Challenge Cards). Some cards are fun fact-checkers, others will make you dance, and a few may even lead to an unexpected karaoke session.

It’s a unique music party game that will keep you entertained for hours!

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There are several expansions and variations of this game, each focusing on a different decade of unforgettable hits ranging from the 60s to the 2000s. For every setting and group of people, there’s a fun version available.

Alternatively, you can always combine multiple editions to create a unique Lyrically Correct game spanning multiple decades.

10. Verses

Number of players: 3-6

In Verses, players match moments cards with cards of the best pop bangers of all time. Afterwards, players vote on their favorite combo. Just hope that yours is the best! This game includes 6 guitar picks for voting on the funniest song choice.

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It’s a neat-looking game that will definitely pump up the fun of your party or Friday hangout. With an average playtime of just 15 minutes, Verses is perfect for a quick burst of fun or as a hilarious starter for your game night.

In case you’re not winning any votes, just blame your cards!

11. 90’s Lyric Challenge

Number of players: 2+

The 90’s Song Lyric Challenge is perfect for trivia game lovers, music enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys pop culture. In this game, you and your friends compete in answering trivia-like questions on lyrics of the best nostalgic hits.

It’s an easy to play music party game with 140 trivia cards featuring various question types. Some examples of question card types include: ‘Fact or Fiction’, ‘Multiple Choice’, and ‘In Context’.

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Score or steal the most points and be the master of lyrics!

12. Encore

Number of players: 2+

Encore is unique in that it’s the only board game on this list of best music party games. It’s a very fun and unique game where you and your team must come up with a song that contains a specific word.

Within 20 seconds, you and your teammates must sing at least six words from that song, including the target word. The target word is determined by the position of your piece on the board.

It’s a great group game that’s well-liked by all ages, and there’s no equal game out there.

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13. You Gotta Know Rock

If you and your friends are real rock fans, then You Gotta Know Rock is the game for you! Otherwise, I’d stay away from this hidden gem.

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This game is an engaging music trivia experience with 125 trivia cards featuring 500 questions about Rock. It’s a fantastic way to learn and remember the rock artists and songs spanning from the 1960s through the 1990s.

Packaged in a pretty metal tin, it’s not just a game but also a perfect gift to your rock mate. Show off your music knowledge and have a blast!

Best Music Party Games – Wrap Up

Music party games add a lively and interactive element to any gathering, because life is better with music.

From dancing and singing to difficult trivia questions, all of these games are guaranteed to keep you and your guests entertained for hours.

Do you miss any good music group games on this list? Let us know! We’d love to hear your experiences.

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