7, 11 or Doubles Drinking Game: How to Play?

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Dice drinking games are usually easy to introduce to a social gathering that needs a twist of extra excitement. This 7, 11, or doubles drinking game is fast-paced and fun to play and is worth giving a shot.

In 711 doubles, players take turns rolling two dice at the same time. They try to roll a seven, an eleven, or a double so that they can assign drinks to other players.

With two players, the game is not really fun to play. In that case, there are different two-player drinking game options you should try.

What do you need?

  • A central cup that is half-filled with what you’re all drinking
  • Two dice
  • 3, but preferably more players
  • Ready-to-pour drinks
  • A drink for everyone

The Setup

Before starting the game, let’s make sure you’re ready to roll:

  1. Grab a half-filled drinking cup and place it in the middle of the table.
  2. Determine who will start the game as the ‘roller’.
    • All players roll one die; the highest number starts.
  3. Give two dice to the roller.

Easy does it. Let’s continue with the actual gameplay.

7, 11 or Doubles Rules

The gameplay is not that difficult! Here’s how it goes:

  • The starting ‘Roller’ rolls the two dice, which can result in two outcomes:
    1. Roll a 7, 11 or doubles: the roller chooses another player as the ‘Drinker’.
    2. Rolling any other number: the dice are passed to the player to their left.

The image below shows a quick reference of what rolls sum up to either seven or eleven so that you can make the game run as smoothly as possible. Below the image, we will continue with the gameplay.

overview of seven and eleven dice combinations

  • The task of the Drinker is to drink the central cup’s contents as quickly as possible.
  • As soon as the Drinker touches the central cup, the Roller starts rerolling their dice, trying to roll another 7, 11, or doubles.
    • If the Roller succeeds, then the central cup is replenished and the Drinker must go again. The Roller then again tries to roll a 7, 11 or doubles. This continues until the Roller doesn’t roll any of these three.
  • If the Roller does not roll a 7, 11, or doubles, they must take a sip of their own drink.
  • The dice are then passed to the next player who now becomes the Roller.

To prevent an imbalance in who needs to drink, you could also make it a standard rule that the person to the left of the Roller will be the Drinker.

This game is not really about winning, and is more of a fun activity to get things started. You can continue the game as long as you like, before switching to another game. There are many other fun drinking games with dice you can try!

You can also add some extra rules to the game to spice it up. Below are some examples.

Extra Rules

These extra rules outlined below are not obligatory but can definitely add some extra spice to the game.

  • Greedy Roll: If the Roller touches the dice before the Drinker touches the central cup, the roles are swapped. The Roller becomes the Drinker, and vice versa. As everyone drinks more, it becomes easier to deceive others with fake-touching the central cup.
  • The Hummer: The Drinker must hum a song while drinking. In this way, the Drinker must focus on two actions at the same time, making it even harder to finish the drink quickly.
  • 7, 11 Battle: All players become Drinkers during the first 7, 11 or doubles that a player rolls. The players that do not finish their drink in time must continue, while those that do are out of the race.
  • Snake Eyes: If double 1s are rolled, the Roller gets the additional role of snake eyes until another person rolls double 1. This means that no one can look the Roller in their eyes. If they do, they must drink.

On average, it typically takes around four rolls to achieve a 7, an 11, or doubles, and a quick Roller has the capacity to roll the dice once every second. In other words, if you find yourself as The Drinker, you’ll need to finish your drink at top speed!

Wrap Up

7, 11 or doubles is a great dice drinking game that will keep you alert, although this becomes harder and harder as the game progresses. This makes room for fun and memorable moments full of laughter and clumsiness.

However, remember to always know your limits, and to quit whenever you feel that is necessary. Always keep an eye out for other players and prevent them from getting too hammered.

It can be fun to switch up between games, so that everyone stays involved without getting bored. You could have a look at other dice drinking games, such as ship, captain, and crew.

If you have more space, more players, and party cups available, you could also switch to a more physically active drinking game with cups.

There’s a game for every occasion that you have probably never heard of but that is very fun to play!

So, grab a drink and have fun!

7, 11 Doubles Drinking Game – FAQ

What is snake eyes in 7, 11 doubles?

This is an optional rule that can be added for extra fun. If the roller rolls double 1, they get the role of snake eyes. Other players cannot look this person in their eyes, otherwise they must drink. This lasts until another player rolls double 1.

How hard is it to roll snake eyes?

The probability of rolling one with one die is 1/6. This means that the probability of rolling snake eyes (double 1) is 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36, or 2.7778%.

What are the odds on the 7, 11 dice?

With two dice, you can roll 36 combinations. Of these 36 combinations, there are 8 possible combinations that sum up to 7 or 11, so this is a chance of 8/36, or 2/9. There are also 6 different combinations that roll doubles, which results in a probability of 14/36 for a successful roll. This means that there’s a 38.88% chance of success per roll.

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