7 Drinking Games Like Picolo to Play On Your Phone

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Are your Picolo prompts getting a bit too repetitive? Switch things up with one of these drinking games like Picolo!

Picolo is a modern, app-based drinking game that generates a series of fun challenges or questions for players. Simply insert everyone’s names, sit back, and see what happens!

It’s very easy to setup and fun to play, which is probably why it’s so popular.

However, the prompts the game generates can get repetitive if you play it regularly, so in that case you might need some alternatives.

Here, I’ll discuss a number of similar app drinking games you can try.

Drinking Games like Picolo

1. Do or Drink

Number of Players: 2+

Do or Drink, an app-based drinking game, offers various dares and challenges.

Like Picolo, you complete challenges or answer questions generated by the app.

The game includes a collection of card decks, each with its own category, such as ‘Truth or Drink’, ‘Kings Cup’, and ‘Punishment’.

Do or Drink lets you choose your deck combination for each game.

The free version offers five categories, and the pro version seven, with two new ones coming soon.

Available on both Android and iOS, it’s free to download with options for in-app purchases for additional content.

2. Tipsy

Number of players: 2+

Tipsy, another excellent app-based drinking game, involves following randomly generated instructions, akin to Picolo.

The free game mode combines elements of ‘Never Have I Ever’, ‘Truth or Dare’, ‘Five Seconds’, and other hilarious challenges.

Regular updates with new cards ensure freshness and excitement.

You can create your own cards or purchase premium decks.

Tipsy is only available on Android. The Apple store does have a game with the exact same name, but it’s from a different developer and badly rated.

3. Drinkopoly!

Number of players: 2+

Launched in late 2023, Drinkopoly! stands out among games like Picolo.

Drinkopoly! offers various card packs, each representing a category of prompts.

Unique to this game are minigames played on the phone. For example, in one game, all players place a finger on the screen and remove it at the count of five; the last one loses and drinks.

Another feature allows you to track sip counts, totaling scores after each game.

Drinkopoly! is available on both Android and Apple. It’s free to download with optional in-game pack purchases.

4. Game Night

Number of players: 2+

Despite its logo resembling that of a dating app, Game Night is a fun and unique alternative to Picolo.

Instead of tapping for the next card, you choose between ‘odd’ or ‘even’ cards, each containing a challenge or question. If you decline, you drink for two seconds.

The game offers one free pack of 179 cards and seven purchasable packs with themes like ‘The Swingers’, ‘The Couples’, and ‘The Naughty’.

You can also create and play custom card decks.

Unfortunately, Game Night’s only available on Android.

5. Party Viking

Number of players: 2+

Party Viking, initially seeming simple and cheap, is surprisingly entertaining.

Like most games on this list, you add players, then tick the screen for challenges or questions.

The free version includes nine packs with over 1700 unique cards. Play them separately or combine your favorite packs.

Exemplary packs are ‘Five Second Rule’, ‘Explain the Word’, ‘Classic Viking’, and ‘Blackout Express’.

You can play Party Viking only on Android.

6. Seven Drinking Game

Number of players: 2+

Seven closely resembles other games on this list but features a unique aspect. Each card has a sticker or image unlocked upon first draw.

Unlocked cards add to your ‘collection’ and unlock new modes, like ‘Hardcore’ mode, requiring 60 cards.

Seven offers hilarious and unique cards, making it worth a try.

It’s available both on Android and Apple.

7. Partybus

Number of players: 2+

Last but not least: Partybus. As the other games like Picolo on this list, you simply add a number of players and then tap the screen to switch between different card prompts.

What’s unique about this game is mainly its design, which does look quite nice. The free version consists of just one pack which should keep you entertained for quite a while.

Additionally, it does offer some fun categories ranging from ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Truth or Drink’ to ‘XXX’ and ‘Afterparty’.

Want to try Partybus? You can do so on both Android and Apple!

Wrap Up

Most games on this list randomly generate prompts, questions, challenges, or tasks, making them effective for relaxed, occasional movement.

The main takeaway is the abundance of Picolo-like drinking games, offering hours of entertainment. If you’re seeking an alternative, your search won’t be extensive.

Some games may share similar prompts, but most have unique ones, making it worthwhile to switch between them.

I’d like to remind everyone to enjoy drinks responsibly and to be mindful of each other’s well-being. Remember, moderation is key for a healthier and more memorable experience. Also, let’s keep an eye on our friends and loved ones – a small act of care can make a big difference. Let’s ensure our gatherings are not just fun, but also safe and supportive for all.

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