7 Drawing Games For Adults: Best Party Game Picks

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Drawing games with larger groups can be really fun because they open up opportunities for creative team play with hilarious outcomes. Here, we will present our finest selection of drawing games for adults.

As PartyGamesPedia, we’re, of course, referring to party games that involve drawing! Especially when drawing under the pressure of time and teammates, the results become very unpredictable.

Who can keep their heads cool and draw what they are supposed to? Find out with these fun party drawing games!

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Best Drawing Games For Adults

We’ve compiled this list based on a few characteristics:

  • They should be playable with at least four players. Preferably more, but this is often difficult with drawing games.
  • PartyGamesPedia focuses on party and drinking games for adults, so they must be enjoyable for adults.
  • They must have a four-star rating or higher.
  • They should promote laughter and good times, so nothing too serious.

1. Drawing Without Dignity

Number of players: 4-12

Drawing Without Dignity is an adult party game similar to Pictionary, but with inappropriate and hilarious prompts. The commonly used description ‘Cards Against Humanity meets Pictionary’ should give you an idea. One game lasts about 30-60 minutes.

Players draw prompts from a deck of cards, and their teammates guess the drawings within a time limit. The prompts range from absurd to downright inappropriate, such as ‘naughty schoolgirl’ and ‘drunk driving.’

The game includes 150 cards with 670 drawing ideas, a die, a timer, a drawing pad, pencils, and instructions. Two expansion packs are available for extra variety.

Drawing Without Dignity is just a great game to play on your standard hangout with friends, guaranteeing good times!

2. Telestrations After Dark

Number of players: 4-8

Telestrations After Dark is the adult edition of the well-liked party game Telestrations. It’s a party game that revolves around the general idea of the classic children’s game ‘Telephone’, but with a drawing element and adult prompts.

In this game, each player starts with a drawing book and a word. They draw the word in a limited time, then pass their book to the next player, who guesses what was drawn and writes down their guess. The next person then draws the guess, after which the next person guesses the drawing of the guess. This process of drawing and guessing continues until the book returns to the original player.

It’s hilarious to see how the original word gets interpreted and altered through the series of drawings and guesses!

3. Don’t Drink & Draw

Number of Players: 2-8

Don’t Drink and Draw is an adult drawing game that’s a blast both with and without alcohol. One player receives a random Person, Action, and Location card and draws the unusual combination for others to guess.

For example, players might draw scenarios like “Frankenstein bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower” or “Humpty Dumpty doing a striptease in jail.”

The guessing players fill in a unique form that comes with the game, trying to score points for each correctly guessed category. The drawer scores points based on the correct guesses.

The game comes with 50 Person cards, 50 Action cards, 50 Location cards, a Drawing and Guessing Pad, and instructions.

4. Happy Little Accidents

Number of players: 3-6

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” ~ Bob Ross

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross and his magical way of teaching others to make neat-looking nature paintings without any painting skills? ‘Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents’ is a party game inspired by the iconic painter Bob Ross.

In this game, you turn random scribbles into unimaginable artworks based on given concepts like ‘cold’ or ‘happy’. You start by drawing quick scribbles on paper, then select one randomly to transform it into a drawing of the chosen word.

One game has a playtime of about 15 minutes, making it perfect for a spontaneous session.

Players vote on the best drawing, and the one with the most points wins!

Aside from its fun gameplay and just based on the looks of the box, this is a wholesome collector’s item for those who remember the legend.

5. Doodle Heist

Number of players: 4+

Doodle Heist is a fast-paced team drawing game that combines elements of the popular party games Codenames and Pictionary.

Each team selects one artist who receives secret key cards indicating the correct answer for that round. The other players then compete against each other in guessing what their artist is drawing, based on the clues on the board.

Many of the clues on the board are similar (as in Codenames), which makes it extra difficult to correctly guess the drawing. This makes it a high-pressure but very entertaining game. Whether you’re a drawing expert or a novice, it doesn’t matter. You will have a blast!

The game includes 500 noun and adjective cards, a game board, two dry-erase boards, markers, a sand timer, guess tokens, and key cards. Each session of the game typically lasts about 30 minutes, offering a mix of fun, strategy, and quick thinking.

Doodle Heist is a perfect addition to any party game collection, especially for those who enjoy games like Pictionary and Telestrations.

6. Pictionary

Number of players: 3-16

When talking about party games with drawing, most of us would say “games like Pictionary”, and that’s for a reason. Pictionary is the mother of all drawing party games and it never gets old, even though it was first made in 1985.

Therefore, it definitely deserves a spot on this list of best drawing games for adults.

In teams, players take turns drawing and guessing words. Each team’s drawer selects a card with a word and tries to illustrate that word through drawings, without using any numbers, letters, or verbal clues.

The game board consists of squares with different categories, and players draw the word corresponding to the category their team’s marker is on. Correct guesses advance your marker closer to the finish.

It’s a fun and engaging game perfect for both smaller and larger groups, as you can play both individually or with up to four teams.

7. Over the Line

Number of players: 2+

Over the Line is a hilarious drawing game for adults that combines elements of Pictionary and Charades, where players either act out or draw certain inappropriate prompts. Definitely not for kids!

The player at turn can choose whether they want to draw or act out the phrase, scoring points when other players guess it correctly.

But beware! The prompts on the product images are much milder than most of the cards. Most are quite obscene and pornographic, so think twice before playing it with your parents.

The game comes with 350 words, a 90-second timer, and a dry-erase board and marker combo.

Wrap Up

For this list of the best drawing games for adults, we have selected only the best out there! One good thing about party games is that they are not too expensive compared to other board games, while they provide many hours of laughter and great moments.

Based on the positive aspects of these fun group drawing games, we also came up with a free-to-play drawing game that you don’t have to buy, called Quick Draw Duel. In this game, several teams compete against each other each round in drawing and guessing a specific word or prompt. All team’s drawers simultaneously draw the same prompt they were given, ensuring that only their own team sees their drawing. The first team to make the correct guess wins points for their team!

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