Bite the Bag Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

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Are you flexible and looking for a fun drinking game that you can finally win? The Bite the Bag drinking game is probably right up your alley! In this game, players battle against each other by trying to pick up a paper bag from the ground.

What’s the catch? After each round, the bag gets shorter and shorter. This means that if you’re as stiff as a board you might as well chug your beer and take your loss.

Of course, you can also play this game as a non-drinking game. Just do whatever floats your boat.

Here, we will take your through the full gameplay and bite the bag rules. The game is very simple, but a short explanation can be very useful.

Your Game Information

Number of Players: 2+

Equipment: paper bag, scissors

Duration: 10-20 minutes

Area: anywhere

Tabletop: no

Drinking: both

How to Play

To start the game, you’ll only need a brown paper bag and a pair of scissors. Gather your friends in a circle and place the paper bag upright on the floor.

Usually, Bite the Bag is a game of individual play. However, you can also play it as a team. This makes it perfect for gatherings that involve several teamplay activities, such as a weekend trip with friends.

In both cases, all players take turns in trying to pick up the bag with their mouth. If they succeed, they go to the next round. If they don’t they are out of the game.

In case of teamplay, this means that a team wins the game when all opponents have been eliminated. In case of individual play, the game is won by the last person standing.

Those that are eliminated chug their beer.

That’s not very difficult, is it? Well, with each round, the game gets more difficult because you cut an inch of the bag’s rim. The shorter the bag gets, the more difficult it is to bite the bag.

Bite the Bag Rules

  • The only body parts that can touch the ground are your feet. Therefore, it’s very useful if you’re very flexible.
  • Only thing that can touch the bag is your mouth.
  • If both feet are on the ground, you’re knees must be locked.
  • Alternatively, if one foot is on the ground, you’re allowed to bend your knees.

Wrap Up

Bite the Bag is a fun drinking game on its own, but is also playable as part of your yearly beerolympics. Whether you’re playing individually or in teams, if you’re not flexible your chances of winning are low!

Alternatively, you can choose to play one of our many other good active drinking games, such as most drinking games with cups. One big advantage of active games is that everyone is more likely to stay involved.

Remember to always drink with moderation. Know your own limits and make sure that others know theirs. Never pressure anyone into drinking and don’t let others do this to you.

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