Beer Bingo with Cards: Rules & How to Play

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Follow your grandma’s footsteps and play a game of Bingo! We’re not talking about standard bingo where you can win a scented candle or spa basket. We’re talking Beer Bingo! This fun drinking game combines classic bingo with cards, making it perfect for any setting.

As with classic Bingo, it’s all about chance. You’re being dealt a number of cards, after which the caller turns over cards from a second deck. Instead of playing for prizes to take home, you’ll play for sips or chugs to give away.

In a way, it’s similar to Up and Down the River, where you also receive or give sips based on matching cards. However, it’s a unique game on its own and definitely worth a shot.

Here, we will take you through the complete Beer Bingo rules and gameplay. It’s quite simple and doesn’t require much preparation.

Your Game Information

Number of Players: 3-10

Equipment: 2 or 3 decks of playing cards

Duration: 10-20 minutes

Area: indoor

Tabletop: yes

Drinking: yes

How to Play Beer Bingo with Cards

For this game, you’ll only need two decks of playing cards and enough drinks for everyone. The caller deals the cards of one deck to the players, while the other is used to reveal cards.


  • Decide who will be the caller of the game. This person can also play, but announces the cards that are revealed.
  • The dealer deals 9 cards to each player. This means that with one deck, you can play with five players. Ten players with two decks, etcetera.
  • All players place their cards faced up in a 3×3 square in front of them. The image below shows what this should look like.


The caller starts the game by revealing the first card from their deck. If a player has a card that exactly matches the card (both in value and suit) they flip it over.

This continues until one player has all their cards flipped over and calls “Chug ’em all!”. This is the winner of the game.

Beer Bingo Rules

  • Whenever a player has a card that matches the most recent bingo card, they hand out five sips to one person.
  • If a player has a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of matched cards, all other players must drink five sips. This is referred to as a ‘street’.
  • When a player has all their cards flipped and calls “Chug ’em all!”, all players but the winner must chug their drink.

Wrap Up

Who would’ve thought that a seemingly lame activity like Bingo can be turned into a fun drinking game to play with friends? There’s no need for buying useless prizes because all that’s needed is you, your friends, and sips.

Whether you like this game or not, it’s always good to alternate between different drinking games. This allows you to have hours of fun without getting bored.

Take a look at the other drinking games with cards and simply choose one to your liking.

Remember to always drink moderately. Knowing your limits prevents you from having a bad hangover. Also, make sure that your friends are okay at all times. Never pressure someone else into drinking. It’s all about having a good time, meaning that if someone doesn’t want to drink they don’t have to.

Have fun!

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